The Lollipop Ethno Dolls : Czech Designers once again Demonstrate a High Level of Creativity!

The Lolli brand conceals luxurious and incredibly creative work of young artist, Ivany Holbová. She turned her hobby, being her heart affair, into a full-time occupation. First, she toyed with the idea of a little seamstress, until she eventually became one.
05.Oct 2018
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Dolls as a tool of obtaining different kind of knowledge

Her know-how lies in the fact that she sews toys that develop versatile personality of a child. Firstly, these are pieces of high artistic quality, created with an emphasis on aesthetic perception of children, secondly, they point to human diversity, teaching perception and understanding of other cultures and values. In their easy-going form they point to coherence and do not admit any kind of superiority.

Luxurious dolls sewn with love

For the production of Lollipop dolls the author uses predominantly Czech textile material, meeting the requirements of products intended for children. They come from a smoke-free, animal-free environment.

In order to create this touch-and-hold doll, it was necessary to make thousands of stitches of the sewing machine, metres of thread and handy hands of the maker. Inside, all dolls are made of anti-allergic polyester fibre. If there is too much enjoyment and the doll suffers some mark or cocoa is accidentally spilled on her, nothing is lost. It is washable at 30 degrees, which will remove all dirt and hurray, a new game can start again!

A Slavic, black girl or a Swede?

Each doll bears the characteristics of its origin. Such as skin colour, specific shape of face, but also the ornaments on the fabric. The hairstyles are always perfect, firmly holding their shape. The hands and feet are moveable. The torso is made of colourful fabrics, the luxury dolls may also be dressed according to choice. A gipsy girl, Aranka has gold earrings, the black girl Aziza then has animal-print colourful underwear and is as "dark as a bar of chocolate".

Luxusní byt k pronájmu - Praha 1 - Nové Město
Luxusní byt k pronájmu - Praha 1 - Nové Město, Praha 1

Dolls will never go out of fashion

This type of luxury children´s toy is very popular across the age range. First, little girls just hold them, take them into the buggy. The identify with the role they see in their own mother and imitate it. Then comes the phase of a parallel play where girls sit next to each other and dress and feed the dolls. Later on, when they are older, they begin to work together thematically playing together. A the Lollipop dolls are most suitable for this.

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