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Ever the designer, Tommy Hilfiger has a house full of art and disco fever.

How the famous live: Tommy Hilfiger has a Mickey Mouse statue and a disco ball at home... and that's not all!

Linda Veselá
25.Oct 2020
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Tommy Hilfiger se svou manželkou

Dream house on Miami Beach

Vibrant colors and modern art worth millions of dollars everywhere you look. That's exactly what Tommy Hilfiger's luxury residence on Miami Beach looks like. The overall impression can be best expressed with a single interjection: Wow!

Like walking into a gallery

As you step inside the modern mansion on Miami Beach, you are greeted by a scene that resembles an art gallery rather than someone's home. The minimalist and spacious lobby features a Mickey Mouse statue, above which a dramatic black glass chandelier dangles from a seemingly endless ceiling.

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Vstupní hala se sochou Mickey Mouse
Vstupní hala se sochou Mickey MouseSource: Profimedia

The heart of the house is the spacious living room, decorated with a joint painting by Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat. It is in this room that you will encounter the wild tangle of colors that is characteristic of the entire interior for the first time.

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Obývací pokoj s křiklavě barveným kobercem
Obývací pokoj s křiklavě barveným kobercemSource: Profimedia

The interior will make your head spin

What immediately attracts your attention in the house are contrasting colors. If you're not impressed by the colorful carpet in the living room or the black and white striped floor, you should find at least the color of the guest bedrooms, usually used by Hilfiger's children, quite unusual. Their colors and patterns vary from giant yellow polka dots through red and white stripes to fragrant wallpaper with a fruity pattern in the bathrooms.

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Křiklavě pruhovaný pokoj pro hosty
Křiklavě pruhovaný pokoj pro hostySource: Profimedia

And the decadence doesn't end here

The master bedroom, decorated in shades of white, is more moderate in terms of color, but just as decadent. The everpresent furs, neon lights and mirrors all contribute to the overall impression. Tommy's office pays homage to his brand - it is styled in the colors blue, red and white.

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Ložnice Tommyho Hilfigera
Ložnice Tommyho HilfigeraSource: Profimedia

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Pracovna Tommyho Hilfigera v modro-červené
Pracovna Tommyho Hilfigera v modro-červenéSource: Profimedia

Cinema, bar and disco ball from Monaco

In addition to seven bedrooms and ten bathrooms, the 1,300-square-meter house also boasts a psychedelic red home cinema, a beach-view bar and a disco ball from Monaco, as well as a seven-meter chandelier. The view from the house is no less spectacular. The space behind it offers an infinity pool and thirty meters of beach.

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Bar a disko koule v domě Tommyho Hilfigera
Bar a disko koule v domě Tommyho HilfigeraSource: Profimedia

A place for family and art

However, energetic colors are not the only thing that makes the house unique. Each room is adorned with treasures from Hilfigher's private art collection. In addition to works by Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat, we can also find here gems by Keith Haring, Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin and other artists.

Purchase price? 400 million!

In 2013, when the fashion guru and his wife bought the mansion for approximately 400 million crowns, they tried to create a place where they could invite their children, but at the same time exhibit all the treasures of their extensive collection of modern art. Therefore, they invited the famous English interior designer Martyn Lawence Bullard to set transformation into motion. Bullard is famous for his bold interiors and the integration of works of art into households. He has won several awards and is very popular among celebrities. His clients include, among others, Christina Aguilera, Eva Mendes, Ozzy Osbourne and countless women from the Kardashian clan.

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Nemovitost zepředu
Nemovitost zepředuSource: Profimedia

In the case of the iconic American designer's mansion, the designer's task was to transform Hilfiger's vision into a dazzling interior. Together, they created, as Bullard himself said, "Partly a gallery, partly a disco fever from the 60's and 70's."

At present, this iconic home is for sale. Those interested in buying it, though, should have approximately half a billion crowns to spend and love vibrant colors.

Luxusní byt na pronájem 181m2 v Karlíně
Luxusní byt na pronájem 181m2 v Karlíně, Praha 8

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