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The Lustr Festival, which took place towards the end of September in Prague, featured posters by the artist and illustrator who goes by the name of Niñasilla. Her real name is Nadia Chair Tirado, she is from Barcelona and is currently living in Prague.

Little Pleasures by Niñasilla & Yana: Relax with Tea with the Aroma of Art and Fame

Eva Ledecká
05.Oct 2016
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Tea boxex Little Pleasure

Niňasilla’s illustrations are all part of her Little World brand. Her portfolio of A3 posters depicting famous celebrities of our time or persons important to her, in nice and clear colors, was recently expanded with the production of small, cute tea boxes.

Which celebrities are depicted in Niñasilla’s unique illustrations?

This talented illustrator loves culture, books, music, fashion, movies and food. Her illustrations have a unique, original style and show the faces of famous writers, artists and fashion designers. Little World introduces a small world of all her characters, who are actually renowned and accomplished celebrities.

Andy Warholl, Coco Chanel, Big Lebowski, David Bowie and many other famous people get a new and fun look thanks to Niñasilla’s illustrations, and these can also decorate your interiors. Even you or your friends can become a part of the Little World if you send a picture – a good idea for an artistic present.

Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 8
Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 8, Praha 8

Unwind with a cup of Frida or Vincent Van Gogh tea

Niñasilla is highly creative, which is why she decided to surprise her fans with a collection of selected teas in boxes bearing her unique illustrations.

With the Little Pleasure Niñasilla & Yana collection, you can travel unbelievable distances with artists, creators or fashion designers and taste their life as it is perceived by this designing duo. Coco Chanel will take you to a lavender field, Edgar Allan Poe will amaze you by a genuine strong black tea while Frida will refresh you with a fruity flavor and scent of roses.

Enjoy the luxury, relax and taste the fascinating flavor of tea reflecting the deepest characters of the celebrities represented on the original packaging. Each sip will take you to the world of the rich and famous.

Niñasilla & Yana will be a part of this year’s Czech Design Week, which starts on 7 November in the Kafka House; there you will also be able to taste a wide variety of these luxurious teas.


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