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The creative agency Little Greta received for its design of a label for the Jarošovský brewery the most luxurious design award in the world, the Red Dot Award. "They simply have a weakness for beer."

Little Greta Won RED DOT! "Czech Design and Beer Conquer the World"

Mgr. Jana Höger
01.Sep 2018
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Jarošovský pivovar a spolupráce s Little Gretou

The Red Dot: an exceptional award, craved by all creative teams

The Red Dot represents a prestigious award in the field of product and communication design. Since 1955, the Design Centre of North Rhine-Westphalia has been awarding the Red Dot Design Award for the best design achievements of all categories.

What did you draw inspiration from in cooperation with the Jarošovský brewery?

We drew inspiration namely from the Moravian Slovakian culture, i.e. the area where the brewery comes from. The traditions and symbols of Moravian Slovakia, which are associated with the place, are lavish on variety and have a hallmark of authenticity. In this we saw a huge potential that was never harnessed in the area of beer.

Have you tasted beer from Jarošovský brewery?

Ovčáček-style response: and you? But seriously. Of course, we can taste samples, that is a wonderful part of our work.

What was the most difficult point about your cooperation with the Jarošovský brewery?

The cooperation was not difficult, on the contrary, it all worked very well. The client left it at our discretion, with a space to create something new and different. Which gave us a great deal of self-esteem, so we were not afraid to come up with a truly novel proposal.

What did you say after the publication of Red Dot; when you won?

We got a couple of awards for the design of Jarošovský beer, whether those two World Beer Awards, International Design Award or the A' Design Award. But specifically, when we found out about the obtaining of Red Dot a few weeks ago, it went through our mind that there are not many prestigious awards left that we could win for our design. The Red Dot is considered as a "Design Oscar".

You work with other breweries, to, why is it them?

Other breweries, with which we have cooperated include Náchod-based Primátor, British Budweiser, Znojmo city brewery and also the completely new Rýmařov Morous brewery. "We simply have a weakness for beer.” Indeed, it was over a pint of beer that we have had a lot of great ideas, we actually owe it a lot.

Do you cooperate with some famous personalities in the field of design or another sector?

Since the start of this year we have enlarged our team by Čestmír Benda who is an old hand at advertising, he is our strategist and a valuable reinforcement of the team.

What about your further direction? Are you preparing some novelty?

We do not have any set direction in which we are going to work, everything is about some sort of mutual chemistry with the client, the task or brand, with whom we decide to cooperate within the Czech Republic or abroad. Currently, we are looking for funds for the implementation of the project Lidice 2018.

The focus and short presentation of Little Greta

Little Greta was established in the year 2012 of graduates of the faculty of multimedia communication at Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín, with which it still closely cooperates. The agency specialises in graphic and web design and multimedia. In the past year, Little Greta opened a subsidiary in London, it has branches in the USA and in Germany and is about to expand further still. 

Its members create something new, previously unseen, playing with the tradition, history, but its component parts are always modern features and technologies. In recent times they also focus on new technologies, such as extended and virtual reality.

Luxusní byt na pronájem 197m2-Praha 5
Luxusní byt na pronájem 197m2-Praha 5, Praha 5


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