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In addition to the beauty of flowers, which brings the donees joy, flowers constitute a luxury interior decoration and they also have their own language. They became a national symbol of some States and every kind has something to reveal. Let’s explore the language of flowers together.

Listen to the Language of the Flowers

Eva Ledecká
18.Jan 2017
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When giving flowers we do not have to use a single word, and will still be telling the donee something essential. Flowers have their own language and we will open the path to its discovery for you. We will present you with some flowers that have become a national symbol. What are you telling a woman by giving them? 

The Rose: the Queen of the Flowers

The rose is undoubtedly the Queen of the Flowers. It has found its place in poems, music and theatre. The rose is the national flower not only of the United States and of Great Britain, but also, for example, of the Maldives. In addition to roses true beauty is also found in other flowers that frequently became one of the symbols of other states.

Red roses signify love, while white roses symbolise new beginnings, yellow roses friendship and pink roses admiration, joy and gratitude.

Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m
Luxusní vila na prodej, Dolní Měcholupy - 616m, Praha 10

Multicoloured Irises dazzled France

France is officially symbolised by the iris. The name of these brightly coloured flowers, Iris, is derived from the name of the Greek Goddess of the Rainbow. And as she did, irises also have many colours – ranging from snow-white to dark purple.

In general the iris symbolises eloquence. Purple iris is a symbol of wisdom and of offering compliments, the blue one representing faith and hope, the yellow one longing and the white for purity.

The Travels of a Luxury Tulip

Hungary, Turkey and the Netherlands, i.e. countries that seemingly have nothing in common, do have shared respect for one flower, and that is the tulip. This may be surprising information, but the tulip originally is from Hungary, from where, in association with the expansion of the Ottoman Empire, it reached Turkey. Then it further expanded its range to the Netherlands, where, by the year 1600, all trading already revolved around this very beautiful flower.

By giving a tulip you profess love. It is also a symbol of resurrection, determination, opportunity and progress.

The Lilies of the Valley in Finland

This delicate flower with its heady sweet scent is the favourite fragrance in many luxury perfumes and also in wedding bouquets. It is also the national flower of Finland. It grows in colonies and spreads very rapidly, which is both a bane and a blessing for gardeners. This flower thrives in a shady and cool environment.

A gift of a lily of the valley expresses your deep love or your strong friendship.

Luxury and the Exotic Orchid

National flower of Hong Kong and Honduras is the orchid. This is a very popular flower that has more than 25,000 varieties, while more are being discovered every year. Perhaps orchids are so popular because in their bilateral symmetry they resemble the human face. They represent a greatly treasured interior decoration and in Turkey their leaves are used for the production of sahlep, a traditional beverage .

The orchid is the symbol of exotic beauty. It symbolises sophistication, thoughtfulness and mature charm. This flower also celebrates proud and glorious femininity.

Sunflowers bring Joy to the Ukraine

The Ukraine has chosen the cheerful sunflower to be its national flower. Originally it was cultivated in North and South America. In traditional folklore the sunflower represents fertility, energy and vitality. This is associated with its tendency to turn towards the sun and at night to bow down to the ground.

When a man gives a woman a sunflower, he is telling her that he loves her and that he is willing to sacrifice everything for her. It can also be considered as a symbol of arrogance, however.

Pakistan and Syria are scented with jasmine

The intoxicating scent of jasmine, accompanied by its pure white colour, symbolises peace and purity. You can often encounter jasmine not only in cosmetics, but also in the food industry. It can be used in aromatherapy and also as a hair ornament for various feasts.

It is a symbol of love, joy and elegance. If you give a woman jasmine you are telling her how lovely she is.

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