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This gem was created to honor the 100 year anniversary of the republic. The porcelain manufacturer Mulier joined forces with the goldsmith Radek Pros, and together they created an excellent light switch called Erb. Do you know a more luxury light switch?

The light switch Erb by Mulier for 169 950 Kč will elevate the interior to a new level.

Mgr. Jana Höger
30.Dec 2018
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Mulier, Erb

Even such a banality as a light switch can be an excellent, artsy, tale-telling accessory in your home. The fact of this is proven by light switches from Mulier!

The unbelievable beauty and luxury of the light switch Erb.

David Richter, his wife Lucie, and goldsmith Radek Pros all take credit for creating a unique switch, to which they’ve given a new meaning. No longer is it just any common-or-garden light switch but a luxury item decorating the interior. A solitaire, as it should be. It’s decorated with gold. On it’s crest it has a replica of the st. Wenceslaw crown with a blue spinel, Czech garnet, ruby and pearl. The circumference of the switch is encrusted with Czech garnets, which are laid along the smooth rim.

How long did it take to bring this product to completion?

„The project took 6 months from its conception to its completion. It’s price is truly not low, it costs 169 950 kč.“

Tell us, Mr. Richter, out of all the light switches or sockets you‘ve produced, which ones do you consider closest to your heart?

„I like all of them, I’ve always worked on their conception. The most important one, was the first one that worked. We have it installed in our bathroom at home.“

Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m
Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m, Praha 1

Where do you recommend us to install the Erb light switch?

„Mulier ERB is meant for castles and chateaus, luxury residences and gentlemen clubs. For places where it fits the design. For people who it appeals to. My wish was to install it in Prague Castle. A meeting took place. Everything was going great, but the conservationist department denied it,“ added David Richtr, head of sales.

Mulier, a brand with a view forward.

Mulier is a porcelain manufacturer from the central Bohemian region. It’s a project of Mr. David Richtr and his wife. They had learned how to mold porcelain into the shape of lightswitches and sockets. Under no circumstances do they run a production line. That is why every piece has its own soul and is slightly different. They aren’t retro, they don’t follow any previous product. This might surprise you, but neither grandfathers and grandmothers, nor anybody they know, were making them. Their design is new for these modern times. They are for people, who are looking for quality material, design, that suits them, or they just want it for their enjoyment.

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