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The ultimate link with nature is offered by luxury wooden treehouses which people are taking more and more of an interest in. Come with us into the treetops, a place where you can enjoy a luxurious feeling of freedom.

Life in the trees: luxury wooden treehouses

Eva Ledecká
17.Jan 2017
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Blue Forest is an award-winning company which specialises in design and construction of luxury treehouses and unique sustainable buildings of various kinds. 

Blue Forest is a company famed for its luxury treehouses the world over. The company is successfully smashing the traditional stereotype that buildings like this are only for children to play in. Their portfolio includes everything from fantastic wooden castles and exclusive accommodation, to environmentally-friendly schools and other eco buildings.

A treehouse: custom-made family luxury

A unique building with towers can be found in Hertfordshire and was custom-made with a requirement for a high standard of luxury for the whole family. This does not concern one treehouse, but rather two different paradises in the treetops, each of which has its own unique properties. One is designed for the parents and the other for their children.

Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m
Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m, Praha 5

The fairy-tale children’s treehouse has a secret trap door leading to an area where the children can play. This “playroom” is completely kitted-out including a plasma television and games console. The section for the adults has a large and comfortable living room to sit in. It does of course also include a kitchen and sanitary facilities. The houses have a conical thatched roof and their walls are clad in oak shingles and cedarwood.

Both of the buildings are linked by a unique pathway in the form of several interconnected rope bridges which weave between the trees and offer a view of the beautiful surrounding countryside.

Hoots Treehouse – a fairy-tale apartment

The luxury Hoots Treehouse is situation in the exceptionally beautiful countryside of the Rother Valley in Great Britain. A treehouse which includes all of the key features which make up the core of life in a treehouse: imagination, escape and adventure. It houses four people, has a double bed and loft with two separate beds for children to sleep in.

With a 40-inch television and Bose speakers, you can enjoy all of the creature comforts which you would expect in your own home. You can enjoy the food you prepare in the fully-equipped kitchen in the open air on the luxury terrace. The arched windows lend the building a hint of fairy-tale magic and the double-glazed doors ensure there is enough daylight.

The luxury Curvy Cabin in a unique campsite

Blackberry Wood Campsite in Sussex is a unique campsite which can boast some of the strangest types of accommodation, for example including accommodation in a renovated double-decker bus.

Blue Forest had an ecoPerch cabin – the Curvy Cabin made for this campsite, a building which fits the campsite’s philosophy perfectly, this being to offer unique, comfortable and unforgettable accommodation.

It has its own kitchen, bathroom and sanitary facilities and is designed for up to 4 people. It has modern heating and you will find here a stove which underscores the luxurious intimate atmosphere. The building has an aesthetic and environmentally-friendly design which blends in perfectly with its natural surroundings yet despite this, maintains the full functioning and comfort of a modern flat.

Other unique buildings by Blue Forest are for example represented by wooden bridges in the jungle, hotels in trees all over the world or the luxurious Ecolodge in Malawi.

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