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The desire for the perfect selfie can kill

Life-threatening selfies! Five places where people literally die for a photo

06.Aug 2019
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Grand Canyon láká k focení dokonalých selfie.

Nowadays, people are willing to risk their very lives for the perfect Instagram photo in an interesting place. They take pictures in great heights and various kinds of dangerous places, including a lake full of poisons. Take a look at the places visited by masses of people in pursuit of unique selfies, which can result in death due to the tiniest bit of carelessness.

Grand Canyon in USA
Lot of people die because of taking pictures during the run of bulls
Grand Canyon in USA

It is difficult to estimate how many lives have already fallen victim to the desire for a great selfie. According to a study conducted last year by the Institute of Medical Science in India, 259 people died while taking a selfie between October 2011 and November 2017, most of them being Russian, American, Pakistani and Indian. An up-to-date list of all documented deaths on Wikipedia currently includes 309 victims, with thousands more injured in the process of taking a photo.

These are the places where the risk of death or a serious injury is the highest:

Trolltunga, Norway

This rock formation, which extends horizontally from a mountain at a height of 700 meters, attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year. However, it is also responsible for the loss of several lives - in 2015, for example, a young Australian tourist lost her balance and collapsed into the abyss. Despite that, people are still taking photos here, striking all kinds of crazy acrobatic poses just to impress their followers on social networks.

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A rock formation in Norway
A rock formation in NorwaySource: Pixabay

Mount Hua, China

The photogenic, yet dangerous mountain site in the Shaanxi Province, China, is estimated to have taken more than a hundred lives to this day. The mountain trail is one of the most demanding ones in the world, and it is intended only for experienced climbers, but recently, more and more amateurs are challenging it just to get a luxurious photo from a height of more than two kilometers. The trail has recently undergone a reconstruction, but the locals still fear that the death toll will increase due to Instagramers.

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Mount Hua in China is the most dangerous place for taking photos ever
Mount Hua in China is the most dangerous place for taking photos everSource: Reprofoto: Youtube glenep

Grand Canyon, USA

Almost 800 people have died in one of the most famous places in the USA as far as official records reach. With the boom of Instagram and other social networks, security became an important topic again - some people take unnecessary risks when hunting for photos, not paying any attention to the danger of falling down. The well-known Skywalk lookout spot, which offers an opportunity to take a great selfie without risk, does not help either.

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Grand Canyon in USA
Grand Canyon in USASource: Pixabay

Pamplona, ​​Spain

The traditional bull run through historic streets, which is held every July in Pamplona, ​​attracts more and more Instagramers equipped with smartphones and cameras. But it only takes a few seconds to focus on a selfie, with one's back turned towards the bulls, and a disaster is in the making.

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Lot of people die because of taking pictures during the run of bulls
Lot of people die because of taking pictures during the run of bulls Source: Pixabay

Lake near Novosibirsk, Russia

Recently, news began to spread that Russian Instagramers were flocking to a turquoise lake in Siberia to take photos. The lake attracts mainly by its color, thanks to which it was nicknamed "Siberian Maldives". In fact, though, it is a waste tank of a coal-fired power plant with highly toxic water. There may not be a danger of imminent death here, but severe allergies, rashes and dangerous skin burns are quite common. Despite the fact that the police have intensified their patrols around the lake, new people looking for the perfect photo are still arriving.

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Toxic lake in Novosibirsk is atractive for many russian bloggers
Toxic lake in Novosibirsk is atractive for many russian bloggersSource: Reprofoto: Youtube Inside Edition

Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

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