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Where can you travel safely during the pandemic and what are the rules?

Let's go on a holiday: You can travel to these countries despite the pandemic

Petra Obrusníková
31.Jan 2021
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Some industries are more affected by the coronavirus pandemic, others less so. Tourism has been hit particularly hard. Government measures are non-negotiable and often have no exceptions. However, there are still destinations where you can travel safely even today. In this article, you will learn where you need a test, a health questionnaire or just a face mask in your suitcase.


Tanzania is one of the last countries in the world that are not yet under human dominion, but still belong to nature. Once you look into the eyes of the African wilderness, you will fall in love with it at first sight and there will be no going back. Thermally pleasant Indian Ocean, diving and exploring the underwater world as well as admiring the coral reefs. Such experiences are often breathtaking. When entering the country, a PCR test is not mandatory, however, after returning from the destination, tourists from the Czech Republic need to have a negative test or undergo a 14-day quarantine.

United Arab Emirates

With its architecture and high standard of living, this country will amaze you at every corner. The federation of a total of seven states, the most famous of which are definitely Abu Dhabi and Dubai, is a symbol of luxury. Here you can visit the tallest skyscraper in the world, man-made palm islands, lots of mosques and museums, but above all the desert safari, which attracts the most tourists. The conditions for entry to this destination are the submission of a negative PCR test result, which must be performed a maximum of 96 hours before departure. Another test hast to be performed at the Dubai Airport (it's free) and cannot leave the hotel until you receive the results. Upon return to the Czech Republic, a test or quarantine is also required.

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Spojené arabské emiráty
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Portugal is always a good idea, perhaps because of the many options it offers. Romantic vineyards, picturesque towns boasting a long list of attractions and an even longer history, beautiful sea, clean beaches, excellent food and especially the liquid gold known as port wine. A negative test is not required to enter the Portuguese mainland. However, there is currently no direct air connection between the Czech Republic and Portugal, and it's therefore necessary to monitor the conditions of transit countries/airports that may require a test.


Enthusiasts of winter sports and snowy mountains can return to their hobby this year and try Andorra and its so far mostly undiscovered slopes. This Pyrenean paradise is sought after for its landscape especially by lovers of alpine tourism, but also good wine. The situation in Andorra is currently under control. The country has returned to normal, restaurant and hotel facilities are in operation. Citizens of the Czech Republic are not required to take a test, nor is quarantine or any other conditions needed. And the best for last - the long slopes are perfectly groomed, the lifts are without queues and you can visit a lot of bars and restaurants at the top.

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Sjezdovka v Andoře
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A visit to Nicaragua is the right choice to deviate from the routine European atmosphere. The country in Central America is absolutely synonymous with the exotics. At the same time, Nicaragua is the only country in the world where you can try the so-called "Volcano Boarding", i.e. riding an active volcano on a snowboard or another piece of equipment. No negative test or quarantine is required to visit this exceptional country, however, you will need a test when returning to the Czech Republic.

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Sopka v Nikaraguy
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Costa Rica

Just below the state of Nicaragua lies Costa Rica, which has not been deprived of beauty or exoticism either. Seeing the beautiful beaches, unspoiled nature and experiencing a relaxed lifestyle with friendly natives is a traveller's dream. In addition, Costa Rica is a coffee paradise - what more could you ask for? The country is slowly opening up to the world and, as in Nicaragua, there is no need for a negative test or quarantine to visit it. However, after arriving in the Czech Republic, you have to get tested.


Naturally, our selection also includes the island state of the Maldives, one of the most breathtaking gems of the Indian Ocean with everything that comes with it, whether it is the white beaches or striking coral reefs. The country is open to foreign tourists, but only with confirmation of a negative PCR test result, and the passenger must be tested no later than 96 hours before departure. Exceptions to the test are children under one year of age.

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Caribbean islands

The Caribbean islands are like a fairy tale in which you can't miss the azure sea, pure white beaches, palm trees, delicious food, tones of reggae or excellent rum. The most famous pearls in the Caribbean are guaranteed to be the Dominican Republic, Guadeloupe, Aruba, the Bahamas and Barbados. A characteristic feature of all islands is minimal temperature fluctuation during the year. In January, the average daytime temperature in the Dominican Republic is 27°C and at night around 19°C. It's possible to go to all the mentioned destinations without tests and quarantine, but it's necessary to fill in an electronic medical form before arrival. Masks are mandatory everywhere except on the beach. After returning to the Czech Republic, it's necessary to undergo a test or a quarantine.

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