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Shibari bondage is not about suffering but about experience

Let yourself be tied up! Fifty shades of gray in Japanese style in the Czech Republic

Karolína Lišková
15.Jul 2019
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2 minutes
Japonská technika svazování v přírodě.

Bondage evokes in the mind mainly pain and suffering. The terms are mainly related to the sexual overtones that we all know well thanks to the luxurious Fifty Shades of Gray trilogy. However... nowadays, tying can also be an art form. The so-called shibari - a Japanese tying technique - has been popular in the Czech Republic for almost ten years and its result is to create a sense of emotion and intimacy. In fact, the body changes into a living art in the tangled of the ropes...

Forget about a multi-millionaire who just doesn't like vanilla sex and who will give you money, luxury and especially love for a little pain. Classical bondage can be performed by an ordinary Czech garbage man, with things like a scarf, a tie, a regular rope, but also specially made leather armrests that are specifically designed for erotic games. But bondage tools also include handcuffs and chains. It depends on the possibilities and preferences of lovers.

Live statue

The difference between classic bondage and shibari is essential. The binding process is important in shibari, it is a theater for others. What is tied on yourself is important in classic bondage. Mostly it is an imitation of clothing, while shibari tries to create a statue in ropes.

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The tying technique is clearly related to the desire to be in a submissive role. It is a very intimate matter where one fully gives in to the power of the one who binds him. The goal is not just to tie someone up, the process itself is important, during which it happens.

“So tying can stretch even for hours, then most often the person ends up hanged up in various positions. This requires a good fitness level of both the model and the rigger. There must also be trust and friendship between them,“

described it the professional rigger known under the pseudonym GNBY Jakub Šesták and added:

“Dance elements are widely used in Europe. It is a lot about movement, the rotation of the body in ropes, hanging and transitions to different positions.“

In Japan, shibari is part of traditional culture. This technique was first used as a method of public punishment for various offenders, but in the 19th century it also made it into the folk theater. While in the West, like bondage, it has a rather sexual subtext and is often used as a BDSM practice, in Japan it has long been an artistic expression with an emphasis on exposing emotions that are deeply hidden under the mask of rigid Japanese society.

We want to get spanked

As far as sexual experiences are concerned, according to experts, the desire to be somehow restrained in some way, and to fully subject to the partner's power, greatly strengthens erotic experiences. According to a study conducted in Quebec, Canada, 64% of women have a desire to be controlled, with 36% literally wishing to enjoy a gentle beating. But men are not left behind either. Once in a while, 53% of them want to try out the submissive role of the controlled, and 29% want to be beaten.

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