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Not only about prejudices, but also about the fated man and jogging that has fundamentally influenced her life.

Fast confession - Lenka Vacvalová: My ideal partner will be an idiot and, most of all, a jogger!

Tereza Janatová
26.Jul 2017
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8 minutes

You will never see her without a makeup. She always looks neat. She would never fail to put her red lipstick on, even when she slips into her running shoes on and goes jogging. Even though many people put her into the “nice face” category, they later often realize that she can also actually do something. Apart from hosting, acting and designing clothe, she also wrote a film script. However, in her interview for Luxury Prague Life she also talks about her, so far unsuccessful, search for the right man and what is important for her when choosing a partner. She has a new requirement now and there are not many men who can fulfill it… 

When I saw you for the first time, I thought you were just a Barbie doll. I mean only until I actually met you. And now you surprised me again when I realized how regularly you put your running shoes on, and how far you jog. Do you surprise people often? Do they see you as a Barbie doll?

I believe I quite often do. Exactly as you said it. Many people, who do not know me, see me as an arrogant b…. I do not know why. Only later they realize it is not the case. For example, when I went to my first running training, dressed totally stylish on top of it, they thought I would not be able to run at all to. But I think I surprised them.

Is it because you are good looking?

No, I think it is because I am the type of a woman who likes to always look neat and tidy. I got that from home. My mom does not even have a pair of sweatpants. I have never seen her wearing them. She has house pants and pants for going out. She is neat under any circumstance. I have learned that from her. Maybe that is why people think that if a woman takes care of herself, she cannot have time for anything else. 

You mentioned your first running training. What kind of training was it?

I started training with Reebok. It is once a week. When I came there for the first time, the other people looked at me and their eyes were saying: “Who the hell is this?” But I think I was not bad.

Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 5 - 232m
Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 5 - 232m, Praha 5

Had you done some jogging before then?

Yes, yes, I have been coming here only last two months, while I have been running for a year and half.

Why did you start? Did you want to lose some weight or to try something new?

My first motivation was a feeling I got after I turned 25. I just did not feel as good as I used to before. I have never been a very skinny type. I always had a bigger backside. I decided to do something about it. I bought a pass to a fitness center but I went there only once!! Then I went jogging for the first time and I have stuck with it. I did not like it in the beginning though. Of course, that is how it is. Everybody is like that.

So why have you stuck with it?

I liked the fact I did not have to go anywhere, get things ready, buy a pass, etc. The only thing I needed was a pair of running shoes. Moreover, I met Petr Ludwig at that time, the author of the book called End of Procrastination. He said if you wake up in the morning and do not feel like running, just put your running shoes on. The next day, do the same and at least walk out of your house. And so on. I followed these steps and his advice and maybe that is the reason why I have stuck with it.

How far did you run the first time you went running?

It was tragic. I ran along Naplavka, there and back. Back then, I considered it the biggest feat of my life. And I did not even run the entire way! 

Now you run marathons.

I am only getting ready for it. For now, I run half marathons.

But I read somewhere that you ran 40 milometers.

Well, it was about 35. That is not too far from the marathon distance (few days later, she ran 44 kilometers – note of the editor).

The people from the training group had to change their opinion about you after you ran 35 kilometers.

Sure they did! In the beginning, they thought I am weird. Bu I was taking it very seriously. I am not just jogging now, I train with purpose and I think some of them are surprised how well I am doing. It is a paradox that as a kid I did everything I was good at, but I did not do any running because I had asthma.

Maybe you are a hidden talent.

My mom was quite funny. She said she hopes she did not overlook something when I was kid, thus missing on a carrier of a hopeful athlete. I read somewhere that people who did not do much sport when they were kids are much more enthusiastic about it when they are adults because they are not those over-motivated kids. But I am not going to run professionally. I run to be happy. Results are not that important for me.

Even though I have seen you on your Facebook page mostly running recently, you are, most importantly, and actress, host and clothes designer. Who are you actually (laughter)?

Hard to say. Probably an actress and host. 

And what about a designer? The dresses you design are beautiful. Whenever you wear your models, everybody is asking you who made them. Are you preparing any fashion shows?

I had a fashion show during Bratislava Days and also at the Shooting Fashion Stars. I enjoy it tremendously. However, I have realized I like to design for myself the most. I sew a dress, wear it for a while and eventually give it to the Soline design clothes rental store. 

What you present the most recently is your running. When I look at your Facebook and Instagram, it seems like you are always running. 

I even realize that I would prefer to go running to the Italian Alps to spending my vacation laying by the ocean.

Do you think your partner would be able to keep up with you though?

That is exactly the problem (laughter)! Until recently I had certain ideals how my partner should be. Now, I think he ideally should be a runner on top of it! My mom and I recently went to the Tatra Mountains. While we were walking on a tourist track, suddenly a running man passed us! He wore a pair of compressions socks and a camelback on his back, and my eyes lit up. I have to find somebody like that. But where do you meet men like that?

Luxusní vila na prodej Praha Západ - 255m
Luxusní vila na prodej Praha Západ - 255m, Okolí Prahy

I have to catch up with him! Did you try to run after him?

I did not, even though my mother was prodding me! Anyway, I just have to find a runner!

And what about in your running group? Do not you have somebody acceptable there?

I do not know, I have to look around. Sweat is always running into my eyes and I cannot see.

Do not try to find excuses! You use a high-quality makeup. I saw you several times on various videos when you finished running and you looked the same like when you started.

Many people actually ask me how I do it. I do not know. It is probably my water-resistant mascara (laughter). I take sport as a social event. When you go racing, it is like going to movies or to a theater. 

Are you serious, sport as a theater?

I can harmonize everything. Earrings and makeup, I enjoy putting makeup on for my running. There are two types of women-runners. One type hardly uses a comb beforehand. The other wants to look good even when running.

You said it would be great if your future partner is a runner. How demanding you actually are when it comes to finding a partner?

I used to think that a long-term relationship can be built based on the initial WOW! That when I see him I would smitten by him and that would be it. Eventually, I have realize that the WOW passes over very quickly and no long-term relationship can be built on it. I originally did not like the people who I like the best now. And I think it may be the same with my future partner.

So, when you meet an idiot, it will be HIM?

Well (laughter), in that case I have probably already met him. And not just one of them.

Would you prefer somebody from your field?

God, no! Definitely not an actor, and even more definitely not a host. I do not want to insult my colleagues but I do think that these guys are quite egoistic. A man who likes to watch himself on TV is weird.

So you do not like men who are effeminate, a man is supposed to be a man, correct?

Yes, he must. But I also belong among the women, about whom people say that they do not know what they want, because they do want a man who is sufficiently manly, but, at the same time, also sensitive and clean neat (laughter).

Why has nobody picked you yet, or do you have a partner? One could say that you are of a sound mind after all (laughter).

For a long time I would assess men based on my criteria and if they did not pass them all, I would just write them off. The problem is I am always around the same group of men, i.e. people from my field. With them, I do not start any long-term relationships. Where did you meet your husband?

At work (laughter).

What does your husband do?

Crime news. But we do not replay his news at home so he ca watch himself (laughter).

You see, maybe it is not that hopeless in that field after all. Many people think that I make acquaintances at every corner in my field. But nothing is further from the truth.

Let me come back to your appearance once more. I am still thinking about the sweatpants. So you never ever wear them??

Running ones I do.

But they have to be stylish!

Yes (laughter). But I probably have no classic pair of sweatpants. 

And would you tolerate if your partner does?

Yes, and I think sweatpants on men look good.

What do you find sexy about men?

Charisma, a spark in their eyes, manly shoulders and, newly, running calves (laughter).

And what about their height? You would probably not go out with a little man, would you?

I had this issue just recently when I was telling my girlfriend about a man who I find likeable, but who is shorter than me! And she told me that, in the end, it is not important.

Is it just an emotional thing and maybe a certain stereotype that a man should be taller than his woman?

It is mostly some kind of feeling. I think I could manage it though, provided we have things to talk about and he has everything else and would not have a complex about me wearing heals.

But you also do other things. For example, you write scripts and you have even already written one for a movie. What is it about?

It is a story of a woman and a story of a man. Their stories are developing separately of each other until a certain point, when the stories meet. 

Do you take inspiration from your own life?

Quite a bit. That is actually the best thing you can do. The best scripts are always based on a real story. However, to be sure, I do not think that I will be the savior of Czech film scripts. 

What kind of genre is it?

Actually, I do not know. It is a comedy for a while, then a drama, but it is also romantic.

And what about a drama in your life?

I am calm, for the most part. I try not to create any dramas and I am mostly successful with that. I live a comfortable life and avoid dramatic situations. Living a relaxed life is the most important thing for me.

Does money belong to it? Are you living a luxury life?

These are two things that are little contradictory. On one hand, I believe that chasing money is not important in life. But on the other hand, my work allows me not to work every single day, which is certainly related to money. I strive to find a balance with regard to this issue, i.e. working enough so I can enjoy life, but not working too much. However, my friend and I just added another activity to our list, we founded a YouTube channel called JUICE IT. It is dedicated to exercising. I was getting lots of questions on Instagram, people asking me how they should exercise. So we started this channel of home exercises with a trainer. So far, we have not made much of it but it is slowly picking up. Apart from that, we also prepare healthy food recipes and motivational interviews.

Fast confession:

Prince on a white horse or a rebel?

Prince on a white horse.

Do you ever wear a lipstick that is not bright red?

Yes. Less bright red.

Running or acting?

I do not know! Both!

What do you not like about your appearance?

My nose from this angle.

What would you ask Victoria Beckham?

If she has ever eaten until she was full.

Favorite designer?

Dolce and Gabbana.

Is there a line no man could ever pick you up with?

Did not we meet somewhere before?

Favorite actor?

Filip Blažek.

Is it true what they say about redhead girls, i.e. that they are passionate?

Well I hope so!

Would you ever change the color of your hair because of a movie role?

Yes, provided it is well paid and the script is interesting.

Miloš Zeman or Václav Havel?

Václav Havel

Simona Krainová or Andrea Verešová?

Andrea Verešová.

What would you never eat?


Czechs or Slovaks?

The interviewee asks the redactor:

What does irritate you about your husband the most?

The fact that sometimes he is a real perfectionist.
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