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The British car manufacturer Jaguar has completed production of nine XKSS sports roadsters. Exactly nine of these luxury cars were destroyed by fire in the assembly hall in Coventry in 1957 and have now once again seen the light of day after 59 years.

The legendary Jaguar XKSS has again come to life in nine new vehicles

Eva Ledecká
11.Jan 2017
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Jaguar spent a total of a year and a half on production of these nine cars, a small backlog from 1957. Until now, there have only been sixteen of these luxury cars in the world, most of the owners coming from the United States. One was even owned by the famous actor Steve McQueen.

Luxury new Jaguar XKSS cars: perfect replicas

All nine of the old yet new cars are already ready and already found their new owners a long time ago. They will be taking delivery of these dreamboats on wheels over the course of this year.

The price for a luxury item such as this is around 30 million crowns, a price tag which will certainly not deter the passionate collector. And such collectors will also not be deterred by the fact that these are not originals from 1957.

Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m
Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m, Praha 5

This is to say that the nine new Jaguar XKSS cars are absolutely indistinguishable from the original ones. The have been manufactured with the original frames and even the original tyres. Jaguar thought of everything during production. Original Smiths instrument are even used in the new models.

Differences only in the details

Owners can only expect new features in matters relating to safety. For example, the fuel tank is made from modern material and the 262 horsepower straight-six 3.4 litre engine has been modified allowing the car to run on lead-free petrol.

The company probably gained the impulse to make these nine cars back in 2014 when it manufactured six classic Jaguar E-Type Lightweights using period documentation.

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