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September is coming, and with it also new film premieres. You can look forward to a luxurious chilling spectacle!

In September Stephen King’s legendary horror-film “IT” will undoubtedly scare Czech spectators

Tereza Janatová
23.Aug 2017
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IT according to Stephen King

In Czech cinemas September will be dedicated to Stephen King’s legendary horror-film, romance with actress Reese Witherspoon and the sequel to the Gardening trilogy.

Zahradnictí: Dezertér
Který je ten pravý? (Home Again)


Premiere: 7th September

Plot: Those who love horror must not miss this film. The legendary story about a clown who “likes kids very much” that is based on the eponymous book by the horror-story writer, Stephen King has enjoyed another luxurious and modern rendition. It’s clear from the trailer that there will be a lot of frightening scenes and the creators of the film also guarantee that you will have plenty of goose bumps. Our recommendation: do not go to see the film alone - and also do not go back home alone either!

Byt na prodej Staré Město Praha 1- 98m
Byt na prodej Staré Město Praha 1- 98m, Praha 1

Který je ten pravý? (Home Again)

Premiere: 14th September

Plot: Popular actress Reese Witherspoon, who is probably best known from her main role in the film True Blonde, will once again squeeze your diaphragm. Currently (as always) she is glowing in a luxurious romantic comedy entitled “Home Again”. The story is about becoming involved with a younger man and the well-oiled theme is obviously still attractive. Thanks to Reese, the film, at least in accordance with how it looks in the trailer, has both zest and humour. This luxurious film will be particularly enjoyed by a ladies audience: a lady night with your friends can start!

Zahradnictví: Dezertér

Premiere: 28th September

Plot: Finally, we have a tip for a new Czech film, because recently domestic film productions have also been offering interesting and high-quality films. This is the second part of the “Zahradnictví” film trilogy that was made by Jan Hřebejk. The entire trilogy precedes the popular film “Pelíšky”. Dezertér takes place between the years 1947 and 53. The first part of the trilogy is already in cinemas and it is called “Rodinný přítel”“ while the third part of the trilogy is called “Nápadník”. Featured in the main roles are Aňa Geislerová, Jiří Macháček, Anna Fialová and Ivan Lupták.

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