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If you think you know all artistic styles, the concept of art syncretism cannot be unknown to you. The contemporary French artist Julien Marinetti creates such luxurious works: he combines painting and sculpture.

The legendary Doggy John and his creative "owner" Julien Marinetti

Eva Ledecká
30.May 2018
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Doggy John

You may not know his name. However, you might have already seen his luxurious works. The painted bronze sculptures of a bulldog, panda, or penguin in life-size and larger dimensions can be seen in many galleries around the world (New York, Singapore, London, Paris), adorning hotel foyers and public spaces. Julien Marinetti's works can be found in legendary locations such as Courchevel, Cannes, Tel Aviv or Marrakech.

Modern art has no borders

Julien Marinetti (born 1967 in Paris) is a painter, sculptor, engraver and illustrator. He brings a new approach into art: combining painting with sculpture and creating something called the syncretism of art. His luxurious bronze sculptures serve as a 3D canvas, and the viewer has walk around its parts to reveal all the secrets and fine details.

The legend named Doggy John

Collectors and art lovers from all over the world appreciate his unwavering creativity and impressive production. He paints, sculpts, engraves, glues, unglues, tears, and recycles. His most famous work is Doggy John, which is now an icon. It was created in 2004. The "canvas" in the form of a 3D bulldog is still the same, only its visual aspect changes. You can admire it in many luxurious designs and forms.

Luxusní byt 4+kk s terasou na prodej, Praha
Luxusní byt 4+kk s terasou na prodej, Praha, Praha 5

In 2007, Doggy John – Obama was born, and was exhibited at the Grand Palais. Since then, his sculptures have been exhibited in many countries and prestigious world galleries. His bulldog Doggy John – Warhol is also well known.

Other luxury sculptures followed: the duck Kwak, the human Skull, the Teddy Bear Popy or a panda inspired by his stay in Asia.

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