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The latest book by Ladislav Špaček unforcefully highlights the still frequent etiquette errors that we commit. It is worthwhile to recall some basic principles and in appropriate situations to make use of them.

Ladislav Špaček’s Pictures Etiquette: the secret weapon for all situations

Eva Ledecká
10.Oct 2016
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There is no need for us to introduce Ladislav Špaček. He taught at Charles University in Prague and was also a moderator and an editor for Czechoslovak Television. He worked on behalf of President Václav Havel as his spokesman and was also the Director of the Prague Castle Press Department. Currently he works as a consultant in the areas of communication and of etiquette.

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Obrazová etiketa (Picture Etiquette)

His latest book, which is entitled “Obrazová etiketa” (Picture Etiquette), is full of detailed information regarding rules of behaviour in both luxurious and casual environments of social life. The book is intended for those readers who are seeking to improve their social behaviour through a combination of pictures with simple descriptions and clear guidance. It is a very comprehensive text, full of perfect images that clearly define specific situations.

The book’s topics include virtually every situation that we are likely to encounter in everyday life such as correct dining manners, appropriate styles of dressing and of meeting and greeting. The book shows us not only how we should dine in a luxury restaurant but also how to behave at the office or on the tram. The life of every individual who reads this book will be enriched and the information obtained from it will help with managing on a daily, situations that might perhaps otherwise be uncomfortable. The book is published both in Czech and in English and it is also available in electronic form.

Prodej luxusního rodinného domu, Praha 5 - 214
Prodej luxusního rodinného domu, Praha 5 - 214, Praha 5

Public Seminars

If you like Ladislav Špaček’s style and find his information helpful, you can meet him personally. He often organises seminars that are open to the public and focus on the principles of propriety. An exhaustive two-day MBE - Master of Business Etiquette seminar was held recently, from which its participants obtained a considerable amount of knowledge regarding proper etiquette. Another interesting workshop that lasted for three hours was named “Dining Etiquette or at the table with Ladislav Špaček”. During this time, all the participants had the opportunity to enjoy a luxurious 5-course menu and also to learn all the rules of social dining.

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