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The latest book by Ladislav Špaček called Roko's Trips into History is intended for elementary school children. Behind the pleasant fairytale lies none other than the study of etiquette.

Ladislav Špaček's new book will entertain, teach, and perhaps even improve children!

Eva Ledecká
02.Nov 2018
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Ladislav Špaček

Children will love the new book by Ladislav Špaček! We were convinced of its during its launching, which took place on Thursday, November 1st at the Dobrovský bookstore on Wenceslas Square. The launching was hosted by Jan Čenský, Kristina Kloubková and her boyfriend Václav Kuneš, sexologist Radim Uzel, and Svetlana Nálepková sang beautiful chansons.

Roko is alive!

But the main focus was on the book, the charismatic Ladislav Špaček and the main character of the book, Roko. Roko actually exists. He comes from the sunny Croatian island of Hvar, and he told us at the launch that Mr. Špaček's new book, in which he plays the main character, is his favorite book of all.

"The book is about etiquette for schoolchildren. It helps parents create the values that we want them to inherit and which we want them to be accompanied by in their lives," says Ladislav Špaček.

Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město
Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město, Praha 1

Although Ladislav Špaček has already written a series of children's books, this one is a bit different. Judge for yourself!

Roko lives on the sunny island of Hvar. One day he catches a goldfish that takes him to a different historic royal court every night. He appears in the court of Louis XIV, visits Balmoral Castle of Queen Victoria, Schönbrunn of Maria Theresa, Prague at the time of Rudolph II, and even to the papal court! He discovers how people lived at that time, what they ate, how they dressed, how they behaved, and what events took place at the time. During the day, Roko is a normal ten-year-old boy living his current life. Together with him, young readers learn how to behave at school, on the street, toward elders, or how to stand up for the weaker.

If you are thinking about what book to buy for your little bookworm for Christmas, this book about Roko is a great tip for a luxurious gift.

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