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Ladies Drive: A Czech bride on the run in the luxury car ALFA ROMEO STELVIO

Dominika Žejdl
13.Aug 2018
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3 minutes

This is it. My big day, the day I'm going to say "YES"!

For every woman, the wedding is the most beautiful day in her life. But to be honest, I'm not really sure if I want to get married at all. Is he the husband with whom I want to spend the rest of my life, the one? What if not? If I happened to change my mind, I still have time to run away...

Preparations in the luxury suite at Chateau Mcely begin!

My fiancé and I couldn't have chosen a more magical place than the Spa Hotel Chateau Mcely. As you enter the area and the gate is opening, you get a feeling of exceptionality! At the reception, I picked up my keys to the luxurious golden suite, where a make up artist awaits me. Preparations for the ceremony can begin ...

A few hours have passed, and the make up artist is finishing my make-up as I sit in the fabulous wedding dress I've borrowed from designer Sandra Mark. During a moment when Veronica turned for another brush, I looked at my deluxe diamond three-carat engagement ring from ALO Diamonds, which every girl could envy. makes me doubt again. Do I really want to get married? Do I love him? I have another man in my heart who told me he would wait for me all day at the airport if I happened to change my mind and wanted to run away with him.

But then Veronica turns back asking if everything is fine, and I smile and answer, yes.

A dream becomes a nightmare, and I'm on the run!

I am ready. I'm alone in the room and nervously walk back and forth. I go on the terrace, which offers a luxurious view of the entire garden. The sun's rays caress me, recharging me with energy and giving me strength. Although I am really happy at this moment, I ask myself again if this is what I really want...

"No," I hear the word ringing in my ears, and before I decide otherwise, I grab the car keys, my eyes scan the ring, I open the door of the room and run away. Below is my luxury red wedding car Alfa Romeo Stelvio from IMOFA, to which I run like a madwoman. "I wish I had sneakers right now," I say to myself. Julia Roberts made it look much easier in the movie Runaway Bride!

I run down the stairs towards the car, touching the door to open it, I'm finally inside. I press the START / STOP button on the luxury leather leather steering wheel, select the automatic transmission and abruptly step on the gas pedal in my sandals to get away as quickly as possible. Before I open the main gate of the premises, I set the navigation to Prague Airport where my love is waiting. I hope he's still there...

Luxusní vila na prodej Praha východ 1341m
Luxusní vila na prodej Praha východ 1341m, Okolí Prahy

I set the sport mode and enjoy my ride

On the way to the airport, I look at the interior of a luxury car that is really perfect. I must admit that my fiancé's taste was always excellent! The Alfa Romeo Stelvio, which we borrowed from IMOFA, and I go really well together: both of us are passionate and full of energy. During my drive I panic for a moment. "Have I made the right decision? Is Petr worth throwing it all away?" I open the box with the glittering diamond wedding rings, listen to my wedding song play loudly, and think, "Should I go back to Chateau Mcela to my fiancé or go to the airport?" But suddenly I close the box and put it away in red leather red armrest. I step out of the car, admire its elegant exterior and throw out the wedding decoration in the form of a bouquet from the bonnet. Suddenly an unbelievable feeling of freedom awakens in me.

I get back into the car, change the seat position, which is easy to operate with electric buttons. Now I'm sitting much more comfortably. When I press the pedal the car instantly picks up speed – the Alfa Romeo Stelvio is a combination of an SUV and a sports car, so the acceleration to 100 km/h is within five seconds, its top speed is 282 km/h. Full of adrenaline, I continue my journey with much more enthusiasm.

I'm arriving at the airport where my real love is waiting for me

Finally, I'm here, parked in front of Terminal 2, where he should be waiting for me. Thanks to the cameras I park very easily. I quickly get out of the car, go to the trunk, which opens and closes with a push of a button. I walk towards the airport building with my luxurious red Rimowa travel case. Finally, I see him looking at his watch impatiently and glancing in the other direction. Suddenly he noticed me, we hug and kiss. Now I'm finally happy. We walk inside hand in hand and set off toward happiness.

In my head the words of Princess Diana echo: "Only do what your heart tells you." 

Dress: Sandra Mark
Photo: Jaroslav Urban

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