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The boundaries of modern technology are constantly being pushed forward. We are bringing you a glimpse of luxurious titanium headphones that have been manufactured by means of 3D printing, which a few years ago would have aroused feelings that we actually find ourselves in the distant future.

LAB 2: Luxury Headphones manufactured by 3D printing

Eva Ledecká
06.Feb 2017
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It was the Japanese S’Next brand which had been operating on the market since 2007 and which is engaged in the production of premium audio accessories that brought this luxury product to the market.

Titanium Luxury for your Ears

The S’Next Company recently stunned the market with its elegant and luxurious headphones that are made of titanium. This is a unique and stylish product that till now is unprecedented on today’s market.

The LAB 2 headphones have a special shape that results from the pursuit of the most perfect sound quality. This shape was achieved through technologies that 3D printers brought to our modern world. Of course the actual production was preceded by a long-term development period and testing of several prototypes.

Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m
Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m, Praha 5

This is an exceptionally good job implemented by the entire team that has paid attention to every single detail. Therefore, we have to disappoint you, but this luxury gem will not appear in a normal retail environment.

The Most Expensive Headphones of their type

The use of titanium refers to the high sound quality that it provides, while, at the same time, it is a luxurious designer item. The price for the LAB 2 headphones is cca. USD 4,300 (equivalent to almost CZK 112,000), which ranks them amongst the most expensive headphones on the market today that are manufactured by means of 3D printing. The edition is limited to 200 items.

Whether any items are currently available, we do not know. However, we hope that the future will bring us many more of these unique luxury items.

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