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Even public areas can enjoy great popularity and become a luxurious landmark of the city. This is the case of Klárov in Malá Strana in Prague, the area just before the Mánes Bridge.

Klárov: historically important locality of Prague

Mgr. Jana Höger
18.Dec 2017
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The name Klárov refers to the public space consisting of a small square in the Prague 1 city section on the left bank of the Moldau River, not far from the Vojan Orchards. This urban space is easily accessible, with an exit from the Malostranská metro station nearby. The busy tram and vehicle intersection do not make for a peaceful atmosphere.

A bit of history

In archaeological terms, it is one of the oldest localities on the left bank of the Moldau River. It was most likely the site of the first wooden bridge in Prague. And legend has it that the oldest house in Prague stood on these Malá Strana banks. In some places, there are remains of the Roman signage of the Na písku or Na pískách settlement, referring to the flotsam from the Moldau River and Brusnice Creek. 

Malá Strana
Prague castle from Klárov
Prague, Klárov

The Klára dynasty

The area got its pretty name from a prominent personality, linguist and philanthropist Alois Klára, who organised the establishment of the Klára Institute for the Blind here in 1807 (today it is home to the Geological Services Institute0. It was officially appointed around 1922.

Luxurious monuments of noble Klárov

This site with historical charm is captivating and invites a good look at what luxurious Klárov has to offer. There are no fancy boutiques and luxury restaurants with a Michelin star, but instead monuments of incalculable value.

Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

South along the river is Kampa, while to the north is the pedestrian route to Prague Castle past the old palace steps and St. Wenceslas vineyards. Right next to the Malostranská metro station to the west, visitors can delight in the charming and luxurious Valdštejn Riding School, the seat of the Senate of the Czech Republic. Art lovers will enjoy the Kampa Museum.

Visitors can see stunning architecture and luxury at the Kolovrat Palace, which was built as a grant aristocratic residence originally in Baroque style, and from the 19th Century in neo-Classicist style. It is currently a detached branch of the Senate of the Czech Republic.

We will never forget our heroes

Times long past, but painful and unforgettable, are recalled by the Winged Lion monument by a British sculptor which has stood at Klárov since 2014, and celebrates the fallen pilots of World War II who served in the Royal Air Force.

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