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Cinemabus hits the road! It will be driving free movies around Prague until September

Eva Ledecká
30.Jun 2020
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Kinobus na Petříně

The Transport Company of the Capital City of Prague is launching its traditional cultural event for the public for the thirteenth time. Right now, cinemabuses are heading to the outskirts of Prague to bring extraordinary film experiences to movie enthusiasts in areas where usually nothing much happens. But do they have anything to screen this year?

Kinobus přiveze lavičky, plátno i občerstvení
Sledujte filmy zdarma díky Kinobusu
Kinobus na Petříně

Cinemas are facing a shortage of foreign movies. So what does the Cinemabus offer? Surprisingly enough, there's plenty of interesting stuff even this year!

Czech comedy and a taste of Hollywood

Thanks to the Cinemabus, from 29.6. to 10.9. streets, parks and public spaces in Prague will be flooded mainly with Czech film production. You can look forward to Czech comedies such as Vlastníci (Owners), Teroristka (Shotgun Justince), Ženy v běhu (Women on the Run), Poslední aristokratka (The Last Aristocrat) or the hitherto unscreened film Přes prsty (Slap on the Wrist) with Jiří Langmajer. But there will also be a selection of foreign films. You'll be able to see Serial (Bad) Weddings 2, Rambo - The Last Blood, the comedy Marry Me, Dude or the film Wild Target with Emily Blunt, just to name a few.

Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem
Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem, Praha 1

Cinemabuses will carry benches, a screen, snacks and a money box!

Cinemabuses don't let the visitors watch movies from their seats, they bring all the necessary equipment for comfortable sitting under the open sky with them. One such open-air cinema offers 220 seats on benches with backrests, a snack bar, a screen measuring 8x4 meters and the above-mentioned movies, which you can watch for free.

Traditionally, this event is associated with charity. This year, DP Prague is cooperating with the Nova Foundation, which aims to help children of all ages. If you visit a Cinemabus, consider donating at least a small amount of money into the prepared money box. By doing that, you will help to make the lives of children who haven't had much luck so far a little better.

The bus will make stops at the following Prague locations: Čakovice, Libuš, Prosek, Koloděje, Štěrboholy, Bohnice, Letňany, BB Centrum, Chodov, Zličín, Hůrka.

The screening always begins after dark, at half past eight at the earliest. Precise times on specific dates, as well as the program and exact locations, can be found on the Cinemabus website.

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