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Kim Keever is considered to be a unique artist. In his studio, however, you would look in vain for his canvas.

Kim Keever: Artworks created in a 20 gallon fish tank

Eva Ledecká
05.Jul 2017
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Kim Keever

What technique comes to mind from your first glance at Kim Keever’s unique works? 

If you guessed photography, you are right but these luxurious photos are preceded by a very important process.

20 gallon fish tanks represent his “painting canvas”

Of course Kim Keever does not want to reveal all the secrets behind his unique pieces. Very simply, however, it is that he lets paints together with water and other chemicals interact together in a huge fish tank. During the exciting moments when the colours are fighting and swirling together, he takes thousands of photos from which he then chooses one or two special shots. Then the tank is cleaned in order to be prepared for implementing other works.

Luxusní vila na Hanspaulce 940m
Luxusní vila na Hanspaulce 940m, Praha 6

From the engine engineer for NASA to the author of luxury art

Kim Keever is definitely not the case of an artist who started profiling in childhood or in youth. He worked for NASA and his dream was to improve the booster engines that were designated for spacecraft. He was endowed with all the necessary skills to do so. However fate wanted it to happen quite differently.

One day something in him suddenly changed. He decided to abandon the position of an engineer and began to devote himself to art full time. He began his artistic career in New York City in the 1970’s when Andy Warhol took the world by storm and graffiti reached its pinnacle. Keever instead of joining one of these movements chose his own path. Prior to the creation of these unique luxurious works, he had devoted himself to twenty years of traditional painting and graphics.

Thanks to his technological focus and his love for experimentation his work had to turn to a different direction. He started experimenting with water and tested the light tricks and the optical properties of water and then began to create these luxurious photos.

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