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Fashion weeks are not only about fashion creations, but also about luxurious hairdos. As per tradition, the prestigious STOLEN hair studio took care of the hair in Prague this year. Hair stylist Craig Hughan answered our questions.

KEVIN.MURPHY at MBPFW: Overly perfect hairdos are OUT!

Eva Ledecká
24.Sep 2018
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We took a look behind the scenes and revealed the secrets of the most complicated hairdos with Craig Hughan, hair stylist from the STOLEN studio. But we were also interested in trends for the coming year, and how Czech women cope with modern hair styles.

More than 120 models had their hair done for the Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week this year, appearing in 22 fashion shows over 4 days.

Which designer’s fashion show did you find it easiest to style hair for?

As usual, the best cooperation was definitely with the designer duo from LAFORMELA. We have a very special relationship with them, based on which they trust us and we are certain that we’re all on the same wavelength. We always manage to create something exceptional.

Which show was a tricky or challenging one?

This year’s show by Zuzana Kubíčková was very demanding for everybody behind the scenes. We had to make braids on more than thirty models within a very short time. Braids are always a painful affair for the models and a major trial for the hairdressers.

Craig Hughan told us that overall, his favourite show was the one by designer Imreczeová.

“She had beautiful and creative outfits, very original and effective makeup.”

He thinks Pavel Brejcha also had a very successful show: “I was thrilled by the natural, breezy hair combined with striking headwear.”

Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 5 - 232m
Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 5 - 232m, Praha 5

How do professionals react to the unconventional wishes of clients?

We always strive to ensure that the hair styles complement and underscore the entire collection and add pleasantly to the mood. We abide by the designer’s ideas, so if they want a colourful hairdo, we always oblige. Our job is to find a creative solution that is feasible and works well.

Our further questions concerned hair trends for the coming years and hairdos that are fashion history. We asked about what we’re doing wrong, how to create a perfect hairdo quickly, and which celebrities we should take an example from:

Which hairdos and colours will be trendy next year?

Next year’s trend is ‘natural’, which can be perceived in different ways. The important factors are natural texture with a bit of volume. This is a timeless combination that will never go out of fashion.

Right now, hair in various bright colours is all the rage. Will this continue?

I think it will change. In my opinion, next year will be all about softer, more subtle and natural colours. The trend will be similar to the fashion industry. Incidentally, that was apparent here at fashion week.

When you think about the development of hairdos in the past 100 years – which period do you consider the BEST and which hairdos do you think were an epic fail?

In my view, the Seventies were fantastic. I really enjoyed the styles of David Bowie, Rod Steward, and the lovely Brigitte Bardot was such an icon. On the contrary, the Eighties were insane, the shiny trousers and punk hairstyles, where you could barely tell whether it’s a man or a woman.

What do you consider the weirdest thing in hair today, as concerns styling, colours, cuts?

I think women with a rainbow in the hair to be the weirdest thing. I always advise my clients to stick to natural shades and to mix maximally two colours. As for hair styling, abide by the rule that less is more. An overly ‘perfect’ hairstyle, too many curls or perfectly straight hair are out!

Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 7- Bubeneč - 150m
Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 7- Bubeneč - 150m, Praha 7

Can you foresee what direction hairstyles will take in the future? Say a 100 years from now?

I think fashion and fashion trends go round in an endless circle. These trends merely modernise and adapt to the current times.

Compared to other countries, how do Czech women rank with hairstyles and experimentation?

In my opinion, Czech women are creative, have good taste and a sense of style. We try to teach them that hair should primarily underscore their image and that looking good doesn’t always mean a perfect blowout or sleek hairdo.

Do we take adequate care of our hair?

We at KEVIN.MURPHY teach women how to take care of their hair without burdening themselves, their health or the planet. I think it is important to colour hair correctly, nurture it and provide the essential antioxidants and vitamins.

Can you give readers 3 basic tips on how to create a nice last-minute hairdo, for instance for a meeting?

I recommend using the DOO.OVER product, which is a combination of dry shampoo, hairspray and volumising powder. Just brush the hair and spray it on. It adds freshness, volume and a pleasant scent.

Another tip is to smooth the hair lightly with a straightening iron and apply SHIMMER.SHINE – a delicate vitamin oil that adds shine and prevents frizz and drying out after straightening.

And of course FRESH.HAIR dry shampoo by KEVIN.MURPHY. It’s nothing short of a miracle if you don’t have time to wash, blow-dry or style your hair.

Which Czech celebrities do you think always show up everywhere perfectly coiffed?

As far as I’m concerned, it’s definitely Eva Herzigová. She has a very natural yet sexy style. I think she is the ideal example for Czech women. Of men, I would choose David Koller. He is a client of mine and I consider him a very inspiring and stylish man.

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