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After a one-year pause, the Czech Republic will again have its representative at the prestigious world beauty peasant Miss World.

Kateřina Kasanová Will Shine in This Luxurious National Costume on Miss World

Martina Šmalclová
25.Oct 2018
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Kateřina Kasanová

We know in which luxurious dress will the acting beauty queen Kateřina Kasanová enchant the jury and what famous celebrities will come to see the fabulous gowns!

The battle for the world's crown starts 9 October.

On this day, the beauty queen Katherine Kasanová leaves for China to attend Miss World, where she will perform for a month with 130 girls and try to win the world’s crown of beauty. The peasant director Taťána Makarenko announced the details at luxurious hotel The Grand Mark, and we now know what designers are behind the divine gown that Kateřina brings to China and why she wears a national costume instead of a folklore costume. And we were not alone, who was wondering what dress Katřeina would wear on Miss World. Matyáš Hložek, Tereza Budková and Victoria Velvet also arrived at the event.    

The finalists dressed in Natali Ruden’s models

In addition to Kateřina, this year's Miss Czech Republic finalists presented Natali Ruden's fabulous models from the collection Asia at the event. Check our gallery to see how beautiful they looked.

"We are trying to be able to compete with all other countries," said Tatiana Makarenko, director of the competition  

That's why Kateřina does not wear a classic folklore costume this year, but a national costume. The designer David Hanykýř designed the divine gown in national colours and stylist Sam Dolce created the gold crown and jewellery. Gold, according to the designers, shows the essence and wealth of the Czech country.

Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ
Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ, Okolí Prahy

Luxurious gown of Tereza Sabáčková

In addition to a national costume, Kateřina introduced the other two gowns she would bring with her to China, and you'll be amazed, even those are snowy white, because this colour is just right for Kateřina, according to the designers. The first dress in decorative and slightly gothic style was created by designer Tereza Sabáčková. She told us that they still work on sensual details of these dress, and the train needs to be decorated.

Dominik Navrátil bets on curves

The second dress comes from the workshop of young designer Dominik Navrátil. He was fascinated by the atypical colour of Kateřina's eyes, and for this reason he applied a blue-bronze colour on the side of the dress. This dress that emphasize Kateřina’s curves are still to be finished.  

You can look forward to the final of Miss Czech Republic, which will take place in February

In addition to news about Miss World, Taťána Makarenko also announced the date of Miss Czech Republic 2019. It will take place on 2 February 2019 in Bobycenter in Brno. So do not forget to note the date in the diary and support your favourite!  

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