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Royal gardens vs. gardens in Olomouc

Kate Middleton dabs into garden design! Even the queen visited her fairy-tale exhibition

Karolína Lišková
28.Jun 2019
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Kate královně vysvětluje své zahradnické myšlenky.

The Chelsea Flower Show is a prestigious annual garden design exhibition held at the Royal Hospital Chelsea Botanical Garden. It is one of the most famous and luxurious exhibitions, visited even by the royal family. In addition, there was a unique opportunity to take a tour in the gardens this year, even for allergy sufferers, as one of the exhibits was an installation designed by her Royal Highness Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. Yet according to experts, the flower festival in Olomouc easily overshadows the whole royal family...

The exhibition, which has been held since 1862, attracts more than 150,000 visitors every year. It’s even gained the nickname Big Spring Exhibition. The exhibited gardens have an avant-garde style, featuring various floral ideas, but also a wild urbanistic one. Gardeners go to the exhibition not only to draw inspiration. All kinds of planting and gardening supplies can also be bought here.

Light makes the flowers prettier

Even Duchess Kate exhibited at this luxurious fragrant show this year. In collaboration with landscape architects Andée Davies and Adam Shita, she designed Feature Garden, a fairy-tale garden that was wide awake even in the evening. During the day, it was a zone of many discoveries and in the evening a luxurious spectacle. Credit for this goes primarily to the lighting provided by Philips Hue.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 123m
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 9 - 123m, Praha 9

"Flexibility is the key to successful landscape lighting,"

said designer Davies White.

"With the help of the Philips Hue team, we were able to turn the garden into a space that can be enjoyed throughout the entire evening."

Paradise for royal offspring

As a prolific mother of three, Kate couldn't keep all the splendor only for herself and the Queen. Luise, the youngest prince, was literally in his element; his father, Prince William, had to be constantly on high alert because, even though the garden looked fabulous, it contained a large number of potential dangers for such a small child.

In addition, the royal family believes that nature and outdoor activities help in the developement of psyche and mentality, especially in case of small children. The family hopes that this space will draw out more young families and children, since the garden provides the perfect spot to spend quality time together.

Czech Republic doesn’t stay behind

In the Czech Republic, there’s also plenty to behold, for instance the Flora Olomouc flower show, which is held three times a year at the Flora Exhibition Center in Olomouc. This year, the main exposition was called The Tree of Life and it represented the connection of flowers and glass. According to the commentary historian and journalist Robin Lane Fox made for The Financial Times, Flora Olomouc is so impressive that it can easily compete with the Chelsea Flower Show. However, he pointed out that except for the "buses packed with Germans", few people are aware of its existence.

The next exhibition will be held in Olomouc on August 15th and 18th and its subtitle will be "The Healing Power of Seeds". Visitors will have a chance to learn which plants are grown here for fruits and seeds and how they are further used and processed.

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