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The imaginative collaboration between two different generations has had a fantastic result.

KARL LAGERFELD X KAIA: A youthful and stylish collection is here!

Dominika Žejdl
08.Sep 2018
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Karl Lagerfeld X Kaia

It is no secret that acknowledged fashion designer for the deluxe Chanel brand and icon Karl Lagerfeld asked Kaia Gerber to work with him. Their models, on which they collaborated intensively, will now finally appear in shop windows. And the Karl Lagerfeld X Kaia collection is simply sensational.

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Dominika Žejdl
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Ornella Koktová
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Názor PROTI PROUDU: Dominika Žejdl

French elegance combined with western style

This project by two completely different generations with a love of fashion has borne fruit. Karl Lagerfeld and Kaia Gerber know how to avoid taking a wrong step in fashion and their partnership has resulted in a truly deluxe collection. The range of clothing bearing their joint logo includes deluxe sweatshirts, biker jackets, jackets, over-the-knee socks, mini rucksacks, velvet bags, tennis shoes and hats, basically everything that you simply must have in your wardrobe. Everyone who loves fashion by the Karl Lagerfeld brand will certainly try to avoid letting these models slip through their fingers.

Wonderful details, which create a special design and style

I like the fact that the clothing is mostly black and white, which is typical for Karl. He makes sure that clothing is timeless and can be combined with other items. What will capture your attention in this deluxe collection is the slogans, or their joint logo, which embellishes cords, belts, hems, sweatshirts, jackets and also leather accessories. The silver studs, which you can find on the jacket or the deluxe leather accessories, also bear this logo. The sweatshirt with the white Karl and red Kaia slogan is certainly a MUST HAVE item for autumn this year and this is not the only item you must have. There are more candidates in the collection, which it will be difficult to say no to! For those of you who are not fans of black, or simply want to be different, the collection also includes a deluxe metallic purple skirt or a fluffy light pink coat.

Luxusní kancelář na pronájem, 213 m2 – Praha
Luxusní kancelář na pronájem, 213 m2 – Praha, Praha 1

Karl appreciates Kaia’s youth and independent attitude

What Karl says is exactly what is evident in this collection. The collection is relaxed, stylish and above all trendy. Each item is complemented by something special that gives it the right youthful fair. The collection is already available in shops, so hurry if you want to make sure there is anything left.

Dominika Žejdl

Názor PROTI PROUDU: Ornella Koktová

A breath of fresh air for Karl Lagerfeld!

The results of the intergenerational partnership between Karl Lagerfeld and Kaia Gerber, who is currently the youngest top-model in the world, really surprised me. Although you do have to wade through a number of white t-shirts with ordinary prints depicting the names of the key actors on them, as you move further along, you actually get to something extraordinary!

It is evident that Karl has needed a breath of fresh air for some time. And he has certainly not made a mistake with Kaia, on the contrary! One of the models that I think is absolutely brilliant is the combination of an extra-long (perfectly designed) jacket with grey over-the-knee socks and ordinary black tennis shoes. It is so sexy, provocative and still quite modest at the same time. I really LOVE this!

I also have to mention the light pink fur coat with hood and mini wine-red bag on a leather belt. Another hit!!!! It will keep you warm, will be 100% comfortable and it also has style. Essentially an item in which you will amaze the crowds on the streets of Prague and other towns and cities

Ornella Koktová
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