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On a relationship that isn't for everyone

Karel Janeček a his partner Lilia Knousnoutditová: The truth about our relationship

24.Mar 2019
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Karel Janeček is involved in a great number of interesting activities, yet his affairs and love for women are what most people care about. With his partner Lilia, they underwent a wedding ritual, which is not recognized by the Czech law. Lilia has now confided in Luxury Prague Life that she would welcome a real marriage, a legally valid one, mainly because of the way in which the public views their relationship.

Love for life?

Fidelity. Just a word for one, a promise carved in stone for another. One man and one woman. But this is not entirely the case for Karel and Lilia. When it comes to their relationship, the word "polygamy" is often mentioned - mainly in the media. They have two children together, a stable financial background, share plenty of experiences, but most of all they have a lot in common, including the opinion on how a relationship with multiple partners should work. But it's a wild guess how many people in our country would have understanding for their version of "loyalty".

From ritual to real marriage?

For Lilia, loyalty means honesty and sensitive discreetness. As long as she knows everything that's going on about her partner, she considers him faithfull, but such faithfulness has little in common with monogamy. Perhaps that is why Karel perceives their mutual connection as phenomenal. He told us he had never experienced anything remotely similar before, and he plans to make up to Lilia for everything he'd done wrong in the past. Perhaps by marrying her?

Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 5 - 232m
Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 5 - 232m, Praha 5


Lilia used to see weddings as useless, but as the scandals around their relationship accumulated, she found out that marriage still had a great power in our society. In the interviews for Luxury Prague Life, they talked about the depth of their mutual love, understanding, tolerance, children, family and traveling with a small baby. Each of them separately, even though Karel occasionally makes a sweet comment on his partner's Fast confession.

And yes, they do promise loyalty to each other... But only in the way the two of them understand it.

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