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The Czech idol goes against the flow of time

Karel Gott celebrates 80 and people are fighting for Euro banknotes with his portrait!

Karolína Lišková
14.Jul 2019
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Karel Gott slaví 80. narozeniny.

The idol of Czech and also German and Austrian women, a national treasure, beloved by all Karel Gott celebrates his 80th birthday. And his celebration will definitely not be quiet and in slippers. The singer, who has been honoured with countless awards, is at it like when he was young. Luxury Prague Life editors wish the Maestro only the best and.... we're off to buy Euros with his portrait.

You won't pay with Karel

It is said that men mature like wine, but in the case of Karel Gott it is a completely different category. It's like he's winning against time completely! At the age of eighty, he looks better than when any skirt would make him turn around. If you are one of his core fans, from now on you can carry Euros with his portrait in your wallet. Today, a unique souvenir Euro banknote with his portrait is being sold.

You cannot pay with it, but as an investment it may not be bad at all. The edition is limited to 5000 pieces. The selling price of one banknote is 50 CZK. However, its collector value was already at auction portals before the official launch at several thousand crowns.

As a young man, Karel was absolutely adorable, and not just because of his enchanting voice, his charming smile and his bewitching look. Women, girls, mothers and grandmothers would fall to their knees when looking at the singing star... No wonder female fans from abroad came for the banknotes to Prague.

Luxusní byt 4+kk na prodej, Praha 7 – 296m
Luxusní byt 4+kk na prodej, Praha 7 – 296m, Praha 7

Loved across generations

Exactly the same women, mothers and girls, even those born later, almost faint even today, even with Karel Gott's advanced age. Hardly any Czech star can say that he is loved across generations just like he is. Maybe Dáda Patrasová, whose target group is completely different from Charles. Karel is envied by all the surrounding states, probably not “Žížala Julie”.

Moreover, his neverending spark in his eye, a mischievous smile, charming expression and gentleman's behavior cannot be ignored. Karel Gott is a package of everything that a proper elegant man should have.

Won war

Although Gott has had tremendous health problems and the whole nation was worried about his health, today he stands proudly on the stage in front of the audience with his head high. The singer's cancer gave him power, the victory poured new blood into his veins and with it the desire to live on and especially to sing, please his fans. Evidence of this is the recently released duet with his older daughter Charlotte.

Forever Slavík

That is why the Master continues to collect all singing awards, and we hope to hear the sentence from our screens: "I didn't honestly expect it at all!” many more times.

Enjoy your birthday, Maestro.

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