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For fans of comics, film and eroticism

Kája Saudek „From Cars to Women“: the work of a genius in Tančící dům until 29. 9.

Eva Ledecká
27.Mar 2019
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Kája Saudek

You may remember the luxurious exhibition of Kája Saudek in the Dancing House Gallery 4 years ago. At that time it was just about eroticism. Now the exhibition is coming back, but in a slightly different form. You can also find eroticism here (hidden on the dark floor marked with the number -2), but above all the lifelong work of this unique Czech artist is presented.

The exhibition called From Cars to Women includes a total of 300 luxurious works by Kája Saudek, plus some 300 additional items, such as photographs, private possessions of the artist, prints, etc. This phenomenal artist has achieved so much in his life!

"I lived with Kája for 48 years and there wasn't a single day when he wouldn't be painting. He couldn't live without it. Even when he was bnanned, he never stopped painting,” said his wife Johana Saudková.

The curator of the exhibition is Berenika Saudková, the daughter of Kája Saudek, who revealed that her preparations lasted three quarters of a year.

“The exhibited works have been gathered from several private collections. It was often very difficult to borrow them for the exhibition, as many of their owners have an emotional relationship with them,” said Berenika Saudková.

Prodej luxusní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice
Prodej luxusní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice, Praha 4

What can you look forward to?

The ground floor of the exhibition is dedicated to comics and the main magnet will undoubtedly be the reconstruction of Saudek's studio, which is, and was in real life, designed in an atypical shade of gray. Here you will see the originals of his luxurious paintings, the bed that stood in his actual studio, as well as his desk. The smell of paints and thinners adds authenticity to the place.

The floor marked with the number -1 belongs to film production and television, and -2, as mentioned already, is full of eroticism and hardcore pornography. It is open to visitors over 18 years of age. Everyone will find something to enjoy here: fans of comics, film or sex alike.

Kája Saudek „From Cars to Women“, Galerie Tančící dům (Dancing House Gallery), Prague, until 29. 9. 2019.

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