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The digital images by artist Axel Crieger will attract anybody’s attention. They are timeless, modern, depict celebrities in dreamlike settings and luxury products, giving them a highly originally and uncompromising new look.

Johnny Depp and Chanel by Axel Crieger

Eva Ledecká
14.Sep 2017
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Axel Crieger, Tribute to Alexander McQueen

The unique images are the result of a mix of several techniques, such as drawing, design and special effects. They create photographic images, which were never actually photographed. 

Who is Axel Crieger?

Axel Crieger studied visual communication and worked as a photographer, director and designer. His clients included leading companies and personalities from New York, Los Angeles, Milan, Paris and London. His luxurious art fills the empty walls of many prestigious galleries around the world, and has become a part of many international art shows.

Axel Crieger was a personal acquaintance of Andy Warhol, which might occur to you when you see a few of his works. For instance, the images depicting Chanel N° 5 perfume may distantly remind you of Warhol’s series of Campbell soups.

Works full of magic

The luxurious images are magical and transport you to a world of dreams, where real life takes on new dimensions. His images are mysterious and the very thoughtfully selected palette gives them a dramatic feel, making them a luxurious decoration for any modern interior. 

Luxusní vila Praha 6 - 377m
Luxusní vila Praha 6 - 377m, Praha 6

Johnny Depp and Chanel N° 5

Axel Crieger often chooses the themes for his images among prominent celebrities and politicians. The image with actor Johnny Depp standing in the forefront is situated in a baroque room, dominated by a massive crystal chandelier. Yet the actor seems to be a random, unimportant part of the work, because the image is not named after him, but after the tattooed back of a naked woman in the background - Tattoo.

Another image, called Tribute to Alexander McQueen, depicts women dressed in the luxurious pieces by this renowned fashion designer.

Even the most famous perfume of all time, Chanel N° 5, has found a place among the images, but the perfumes are not called Chanel – instead they have names like Lie to Me, Fat Cat, Cocaine or Poor Girl.

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