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A hand-crafted limited edition wooden table-tennis or pool table is a genuine designer luxury item by the American designer James Perse.

James Perse: design which has style

Eva Ledecká
25.Jan 2017
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Table-tennis with a luxury design

The luxury table tennis table includes four bespoke table tennis bats and balls with the James Perse logo. Playability is combined with functionality in his design. If you remove the net and place a special table top onto the table, the playing area transforms, as if with the wave of a magic wand, into a conference or dining table. 

Pool table

The absolutely perfect style of the pool table designed by James Perse is a unique accessory for each and every luxury interior. Professional and extremely high quality worsted wool is used to manufacture the playing surface, providing the ideal conditions for a precise game. The same as the table tennis table, the pool table too can be transformed in a few seconds into a luxurious large table for conventional use.

Who is the gifted designer James Perse

James Perse comes from Los Angeles and spent his youth between the beach, the ice-hockey stadium and his father’s Maxfield boutique. Thanks to this, he gained his initial education in the field of luxury fashion from Europe and Asia, modern architecture, furniture and design.

Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m
Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m, Praha 5

His career started with baseball caps, which he decided to design due to the poor quality of the caps on the market at the start of the nineties as regards colours, design and material. His baseball caps soon become a hit and film directors and music producers started to buy them for their teams.

This renowned American designer engages in design of clothing, footwear, bags, interiors and also accessories for them.

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James Perse
8687 Melrose Avenue B-130 West Hollywood CA 90069 USA
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