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Diamonds are a girl’s best friends.

It’s raining diamonds: Even ordinary mortals can afford the new ALO diamonds collection!

Karolína Lišková
18.Oct 2020
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The Czech jewelry brand ALO diamonds introduced a new collection called Sparkling Rain, and it will dazzle your eyes. It is characterized by a clean, transparent and elegant style and emphasizes not only the quality of the diamonds, but also the precision and ingenuity of the company’s master jewelers. In addition, it is financially affordable. It's only up to you whether you will use the luxury diamond to underline your charm or as an investment.

Buying a diamond or gem is definitely doesn’t come cheap. ALO diamonds does offer rings worth two million crowns. This time, however, the brand didn’t forget about customers with a limited budget, and created stunning bracelets, necklaces and diamond rings, some of which cost less than twenty thousand crowns. Especially nowadays, when everything is becoming more expensive due to the coronavirus crisis, it is a really generous offer.

"People aren’t skimping on precious metals in these uncertain times, quite on the contrary. It's a good investment that will only grow,"

spokeswoman of the Czech jewelry brand Světlana Pospíšilová confirmed to

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Žena s diamanty
Žena s diamantySource: Profimedia

Dangling earrings can work miracles!

The new collection is a wonderful sight to behold. It includes pieces such as the dangling earrings that women have loved for centuries. Why? They make one’s neck appear longer, and the nape has always been a very alluring and admired part of a woman's body. Once court hairdressers began to create high hairstyles for the ladies, jewelers suddenly had plenty of room to show their handiwork. And so simple stone earrings slowly developed into elaborate works of art reminiscent of flamboyant crystal chandeliers. It is even said that one of the queens in the French court had very special dangling earrings with a tiny container hidden inside, into which the maids would pour a few drops of her favorite perfume. Whenever she shook her head sharply, perfume would drip from the container, giving her nape a lovely aroma.

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Visací náušnice.
Visací náušnice.Source: ALO diamonds

This collection offers not only absolutely luxurious, fine and delicate diamond dangling earrings, whose unique beauty reminds of the first autumn frosts, but also so-called chandelier earrings, perfect for special occasions. Their seductive dangling attracts the eye.

Floral jewelry decorated with sapphires and diamonds

King Henry VIII of England couldn’t keep his eyes off his beautiful wife Catherine of Aragon. He knew that she had spent most of her childhood with her mother and father at the Alhambra Palace in Grenada, surrounded by exotic fruits and beautiful flowers, which she loved to talk about. In hopes to make her happy and alleviate her homesickness, he had the jewelers create a set of colorful floral jewelry for his bride and gifted it to her after the wedding party.

Every year, flower jewelry belongs to the most reveled treasures, which doesn’t just enhance a woman’s beauty, but often becomes part of highly luxurious collections. This year, these exquisite flowers are adorned with the most wonderful colorful sapphires and diamonds.

A necklace worth billions

The value of one of the most expensive royal necklaces was estimated at $ 200 million, which is about 4.7 billion crowns. A long time ago, it adorned the neck of French Queen Marie Antoinette, but before that, jewelers had spent over 47,000 hours on it. Now it serves as an inspiration for jewelers of all royal families in the world. You too can become a queen...

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Lace with a massive sapphire

In the 16th century, lace was made by hand and seamstresses would spend days and nights working in on it, hunched over a candle. The then creations were masterpieces that amazed with their complex patterns and gossamer texture. The combination of a lace pattern and white gold is a unique idea that gave birth to a splendid, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry .

The distinctive ring with a lace pattern on it an a massive sapphire in a cabochon cut inserted in the middle, is a feast for the eyes. Dozens of diamonds make it sparkle wide and far.

Rare tanzanite ring

The ring also happens to be a favorite of Tanzanite is a very rare gemstone that was only discovered in the early 19th century. Nevertheless, it is surrounded by many stories that tell about its incredible healing properties. Thanks to them, the gem is sought after all over the world.

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Prsten s tanzanitem.
Prsten s tanzanitem.Source: ALO diamonds

"Another reason is that its main deposit is almost empty and no one has found a new one yet. It looks like tanzanite will become increasingly rare…,"

says Pospíšilová.

The ring with central tanzanite, characterized by precise handwork, is decorated with more than 160 clear, glittering diamonds and its price is half a million crowns.

Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 7- Bubeneč - 150m
Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 7- Bubeneč - 150m, Praha 7

For fans of minimalism

Another glittering surprise of the collection are solitaire pieces of jewelry, which will delight everyone who loves minimalist jewelry with a distinctive central stone. They boast a very refreshing look and are suitable for active woman who like to wear luxury jewelry and appreciate variable accessories that can keep up with their lifestyle.

These earrings with a removable ring fit that description to a T. During the day, you can adorn your ears with a glittering diamond, and in the evening, add a ring of white gold inlaid with diamonds. Together, the components form luxurious 2in1 earrings that goes even with an evening gown.

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Kolekce šperků.
Kolekce šperků.Source:

Exclusive collection of large diamonds as an investment

Not only their color, but also reflections, glitter and style of cut truly stand out on large gemstones. Owning a ring with 2 or more carat stones is often a rarity, because only a small number of stones are completely free of defects. The exclusive collection of rings is a showcase of precise jewelery work and the beauty of 1 and 2 carat clear diamonds in various styles of cut - emerald, cushion or marquise - and are designed in a way that makes the special cut of the central stone stand out. A unique opportunity for you to buy high-quality jewelry, the value of which will continue to grow!

Yellow represents peace of mind and good mood

Yellow diamonds are a natural phenomenon formed deep in the bowels of the earth in Africa, Congo and Brazil. Sun diamonds have become part of many famous pieces of jewelry, some of which are now on display under thick glass in the world's most renowned museums and collections. Their color is said to bring the wearer luck, peace of mind and a good mood.

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Prsen s diamantem za 2 miliony korun
Prsen s diamantem za 2 miliony korun Source:

One of the most famous yellow diamonds comes from India from 1450, when Shah Jahaan gave it to his beloved wife, Queen Mumtaz, as a token of his affection. Later, he had the famous Taj Mahal built for the very same lady.

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