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The house of mirrors offers an extraordinary experience.

An invisible mirror-clad house in the desert. This is where the stars go to find peace

Mgr. Jana Höger
21.Oct 2020
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Neviditelný dům v kalifornské poušti

If you're a fan of fresh interiors and bold modern architecture or a dreamer who enjoys escaping into a fantasy world, we'd like to offer you a completely engulfing spectacle. The mirror-clad house hidden in the California desert, far from civilization, abounds in charm. Are you ready to take a peek inside?

Dům v poušti v celé své kráse
Exteriér neviditelného domu
Neviditelný dům a obývací část

Rough natural beauty hides an architectural gem

The location where the luxury home stands is definitely worth a visit. The California desert has a lot to offer and you'll fall in love with it. The harsh nature of the landscape, the scorching rays of the sun, the rocks and cacti... add up all these factors and you'll feel like s real prairie outlaw. But once you find yourself standing in front of the mirror house, you'll be transported into a fairy tale. The building is located about 140 kilometers from the border with Mexico in the Joshua Tree National Park. Its authors are designer and architect Tomas Osinski and film producer Chris Hanley.

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Neviditelný dům exteriér
Neviditelný dům exteriérSource:

Mirrors everywhere you look

You'll immediately notice the bulk of the house consists of glass with an external mirror effect. That means that you can watch life outside unnoticed, without being seen. Another interesting "trick" is that the house reflects the landscape and literally merges with it.

"It is practically invisible from certain angles. If you're standing in the right place, the house will disappear,"

Chris Hanley said about the building.

Sometimes, the feeling that you're totally incognito can be pretty cool. The house offers undisturbed relaxation. It features four bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. Its focal point is a breathtaking 30-meter pool, with a luxurious-looking kitchen or a huge TV screen just a few steps away.

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Interiér neviditelného domu v Kalifornii, bazén
Interiér neviditelného domu v Kalifornii, bazénSource:

Minimalism plays a key role

No material was wasted here. The entire building boast a minimalist style with an emphasis on rawness. Concrete floors, a futuristic bed on a glass top, floor-to-ceiling windows, white glossy surfaces and, of course, high-quality audiovisual equipment are all part of the concept.

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Neviditelný dům v Kalifornii, interiér
Neviditelný dům v Kalifornii, interiérSource:

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Neviditelný dům v poušti, ložnice se sklem
Neviditelný dům v poušti, ložnice se sklemSource:

Who were its famous visitors?

No wonder this place has enchanted more than one Hollywood celebrity! Demi Lovato and her then fiancé Max Ehrich, for example, completely succumbed to its charm. You too can indulge in this luxury! The house can be rented for 25,000 crowns per hour. But there's a catch: the mansion can't be rented for less than 12 hours...

Luxusní penthaus na Praze 1 - 226m
Luxusní penthaus na Praze 1 - 226m, Praha 1

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