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The luxurious florists, Metamorphosis under the auspices of Benjamin Claessen abounds with extraordinary beauty of flowers. Not only he himself, but also the florist, Soňa Průšová, commented on the International Women's Day, which is becoming more popular by the year. Are you curious about their views?

International Women's Day with the Luxurious Florist, Metamorphosis, through a Man´s Eyes

Mgr. Jana Höger
08.Mar 2018
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Květinářství Metamorphosis

Why does the International Women's Day experience this kind of boom? What do you think makes it so attractive?

"International Women's Day goes hand in hand with the general trend of return to the past, which is reflected in fashion, architecture, design, etc. So the logical consequence is also to dust off the old traditions, hence also the holiday of International Women's Day" says the manager and florist, Soňa.

Which flower arrangements are given a preference? Which colour reigns here? Can you tell us which flower is your best-seller?

Soňa responds: “Classic round mixed-flower bouquets. Pastel colours in all tones. Spring flower arrangements run the gamut, but tulips and roses are represented the most." Benjamin as well as Soňa see the trend in tulips, ideally of pink colour. Benjamin sees International Women's Day as a tradition which he honours very gladly.

What age category of women wish to be given a flower on International Women's Day?

"Unfortunately I don´t know the answer to that," Soňa adds.

Do you have any novelties in your offering as far as the International Women's Day is concerned?

Yes, new types of roses and tulips that have come on the market this year. Full-blossomed tulips and English-type roses are becoming ever so popular.

What do you prefer: St. Valentine's Day, International Women's Day, or May Day?

Soňa: "I personally am in favour of May Day."

Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2
Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2, Okolí Prahy

Benjamin likes that that on this occasion he can give flowers to any woman whom he esteems, for example his daughter. Not just as is customary for St. Valentine's Day; the wife or girlfriend.

Do you yourself get a flower or some gift on International Women's Day?

No, I don´t, but I do on May Day.

Can you recall what was the most luxurious flower arrangement for the International Women's Day?

Yes, but I would not say the most luxurious nor the largest nor the most expensive, but it certainly attracted our attention. It was a bunch that consisted of just one hundred differently-coloured tulips.

A short summary about the luxurious florists, Metamorphosis

The owner, Benjamin Claessen, who is originally from Belgium, currently living in Prague, opened his first store in Prague in Haštalská Street in March 2000 and in April 2013 a second one in Wuchterlova Street. He brought to Prague and to the Czech Republic his specific style of binding bouquets, at the same time proving that virtually anyone can afford them.

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