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You can often pleasantly surprise your friends with a gift – and it doesn’t need to cost a fortune or shine like gold. Exceptional coffee is guaranteed to please you and your friends!

Instead of Dessert, Enjoy a Cup of Luxurious Coffee and Share It With Your Friends Too!

Eva Ledecká
18.Dec 2017
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Luxury coffee with flavor of chocolate and orange ..

Christmas is traditionally connected with warm drinks and sweets. Christmas is also intrinsically linked with the scent of hot wine, punch, hot chocolate and coffee. And the last item on that list is precisely what we will be speaking about. Luxurious Nespresso coffee flavors are our tip for a clear winner this year. And we’ll answer the question “Why?” below. 

Fragrant coffee instead of a fat-filled dessert!

We all know what it’s like: craving something sweet, but not wanting to eat too much fat and sugar. One way to break this circle is through luxurious coffee with an irresistible taste inspired by extraordinary sweets. The taste of Christmas sweets with a vanilla fragrance is the prominent feature of the Livanto coffee in the Variantions Confetto Snowball edition, while the spicy fragrance of licorice can be found in Variantions Confetto Licorice and the fresh fragrance of oranges and chocolate is the inspiration for Variantions Confetto Orangette.

Craig & Karl – the designers of a happy coffee-themed Christmas

Do you know the artistic duo of Craig & Karl? Have a look at their exceptional designs of coffee accessories in the limited color-filled collection titled “Les Collections”. You’ll find luxurious Espresso cups made of black porcelain sporting color strips, a set of two Lungo cups, a luxurious travel mug which will keep your coffee warm even when traveling, and Touch Nomad – an original container for 15 Nespresso capsules. Together with unique Christmas flavors of coffee, what we see is an excellent inspiration for a gift!

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Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 - 303m, Praha 10
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