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Ingenious Exhibition Which Will Stick in Your Mind: DeTermination of Daniel Pešta (DOX, until 7.5.)

Eva Ledecká
26.Jan 2018
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Daniel Pešta

Nowadays when it seems that almost anyone may become an artist, it is a balm for the soul to visit an exhibition that will blow your mind away because of the talent of the artist, his creativity and last, but not least, the idea communicated through his luxury works of art.

Daniel Pešta is a very remarkable and undoubtedly hugely gifted Czech artist, celebrating success worldwide. The Centre of Contemporary Art, DOX, has provided a relatively large space which he filled with his art representing a cross-section of his work over the last 10 years. 

Daniel Pešta employs a very wide range of material as well as techniques. In his luxury creations you can see classic paintings, sculptures, video shots, photos or unique compositions embedded in resin.

Eat your mask and stop the hypocrisy!

Daniel Pešta chose a mask as a symbol of hypocrisy and loss of individuality; he can be seen wearing it in the video, then he gradually eats it all up. Would you say that that is disgusting? We would have said brilliant!

The theme of the whole luxury exhibition is social and biological determination, which is a very topical subject not only today but at any time. Issues such as where we are born, into what kind of family, what society - all of this is a great influence. However, what also affects us is how we influence others and how they behave toward us on its basis. People are bound by social determinants and Daniel Pešta managed to demonstrate this brilliantly, using red yarn, present in most of his unique works.

People like an aggressive pack

Daniel Pešta also reflects on the strength of narcissistic leaders who are able to manipulate whole crowds which then start to behave like an aggressive pack; a man is turned into a caricature of himself. Above this stands a multitude of spiritual beings, bearers of wise principles who guard our concerns over the horizon. They are presented by a multitude of luxuriously-finished, illuminated statues on a raised base.

Prodej funkcionalistické vily Praha - 360m
Prodej funkcionalistické vily Praha - 360m, Praha 8

You cannot choose the bed you were born in

On the first floor you are welcomed by neon inscription - I WAS BORN IN YOUR BED and I WAS BORN IN YOUR HEAD. None of us can choose to whom and where we are born. We cannot even influence how we are seen by the majority of society. The perfect way to express this truth is the story of Roma children to whom is dedicated almost the entire top floor and whom Daniel Pešta incorporated into his luxurious works of art.

The exhibition of Daniel Pešta is unique and certainly deserves your visit. But you will understand it much better within the framework of a guided tour. And believe us, it is certainly worth it. The accompanying programme is certainly also interesting and rewarding; it may be found on the DOX website. 

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