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Increase your sexual appetite. Use an aphrodisiac!

Jana Fikotová
27.Dec 2017
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Do you have problems desiring your partner? Don’t be afraid to experiment and enter the New Year with newly gained passion! Aphrodisiacs will help you heighten your experience during erotic moments. You can obtain them as tablets, drops, spray or cream, and they can be natural or artificial.


Aphrodisiacs and their possibilities

The most popular aphrodisiac is the deluxe Spanish fly, chocolate, celeriac or oysters. Saffron and mandragora are less well-known aphrodisiacs.

6x increasing the desire for sex with natural aphrodisiacs

Saffron – has no side effects and is most effective in heightening sexual desire.
Ginseng – helps and has been very popular since ancient times. Its effects are wide-ranging, which is why it is called a panacea.
Chocolate – is good for increasing desire, particularly in women, thanks to phenylethylamine, which increases serotonin and endorphin levels in the brain.
Chilli – the effect of this substance increases the sensitivity of the nerve ends thanks to the capsaicin it contains.
Celeriac – is particularly suitable for men, because it has an effect on female attraction thanks to androsterone, a sexual hormone.
Mandragora – is eaten raw, dried or in the form of a beverage. It is suitable for both men and women.

Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem
Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem, Praha 1

Increasing the desire for sex with artificial aphrodisiacs

There is no delux aphrodisiac, which we could say is one hundred per cent effective. The effects are different for everyone. Aphrodisiacs are most frequently used by women as gels or creams, which they can use to stimulate an orgasm. Emulsions to delay ejaculation are available for men. Pheromones in the form of luxury perfumes are for both men and women. Their gradual release affects the subconscious and the brain, teases the senses and induces desire. The best-known tablets include the blue pill called Viagra. Maca, a deluxe herb from Peru, which is used to treat a range of problems such a impotence or infertility is also known. A mixture of herbal essences in the form of Spanish fly increases hormone levels

On the contrary, stress, age, illness, fatty foods, smoking or high blood pressure, all decrease the desire for sex. So be careful and focus on the reasons why you are losing your desire for deluxe sex before taking an aphrodisiac.  

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