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The imposing Maine Coon: A gentle giant among animals

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05.May 2019
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Mainkská mývalí kočka

Where did it come from?

The luxurious Maine Coon cat is considered one of the oldest American cat breeds. With its appearance, it ranks among the largest domesticated cats ever. This breed was probably created by crossbreeding American cats from New England, Maine, with longhair cats from Europe.

The robust longhair cat got its name from the US state of Maine and the wild raccoon that resides there. Today, it is the most commonly bred breed in the United States and rank second in the UK.

Your pet: the “gentle giant” or “dog cat”

You can tell this breed apart from other cats by its formidable size and length. Some males weigh up to 10 kg and measure up to 1 meter!

In addition to its robustness, the Maine Coon also owes its "wild" appearance to its long, thick and flowing fur, which forms an abundant ruffle around the cat’s neck. This luxurious cat’s coat can have many different shades from black through red, white, blue and creamy with or without markings, to silver. The most common color is marbled brown. It has many nicknames, such as "dog cat" or the above mentioned "gentle giant".

Luxusní byt na pronájem 181m2 v Karlíně
Luxusní byt na pronájem 181m2 v Karlíně, Praha 8

Some intriguing features of this creature

The cat loves company. It lives up to 12 - 15 years. It always remains playful and good-natured and gets on well with other cats, dogs as well as children. You may break a sweat trying to catch up with this cat! Not only is it fun, resourceful and very gentle, with noble movement, but it also lives a much more active life than other cats. It can be trained to fetch various items or walk on a leash.

The price of this luxury cat starts at CZK 10,000.

Meet Omar, the male cat whose name can be found in the Guinness' book of records

This feline "celebrity" measures an incredible 1.2 m and weighs 14 pounds. Its owner is Stephanie Hirst, an Australian. Omar likes kangaroo meat, has appeared on BBC and Australian TV and even has his own Instagram profile. A star par excellence!

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