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The secret of success? Put on shoes in passionate crimson and pair them with a dress with cut ous and a bow that can't be missed in a crowd!

I'M A STAR: Three years before fifty, she looks dazzling in a mini skirt! Dress according to Heidi Klum

Martina Šmalclová
04.Dec 2020
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2 minutes
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Heidi Klum v červených šatech

Three years before fifty, Heidi Klum refuses to leave high heels and sexy mini skirs behind. And why should she, when she doesn't have to?! Colleagues from younger generations can envy the German model's figure and overall appearance. And how does Heidi manage to achieve that? It's actually pretty simple. Discipline and a healthy lifestyle are the key. Make sure to get enough sleep, don't forget to take off your make-up before going to bed, drink plenty of water and eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Alright, now that you know how to postpone old age, how about checking out this famous model's wardrobe? It's gonna be worth it!

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Heidi Klum
Heidi KlumSource: Profimedia

Our fashion editorial staff has prepared three price versions of Heidi's outfit for you. Which one will win you over?

Look 1 according to Heidi: In luxury from head to toe

Heidi appeared in the mini skirt with a bow by designer Carolina Herrera, the cutout shirt by Maison Margiela and red shiny pumps by Christian Louboutin on the show Germany's Next Topmodel at the beginning of November. Would you like to follow in her footsteps and wear the very same outfit? No problem! We know where to get it.

Bílá košile Maison MargielaGo to the store
Bílá košile Maison Margiela
Černá mini sukně Carolina HerreraGo to the store
Černá mini sukně Carolina Herrera
Červené lodičky Christian LouboutinGo to the store
Červené lodičky Christian Louboutin

Carolina Herrera skirt CZK 17,164

Maison Margiela shirt CZK 43,329

Christian Louboutin pumps CZK 15,720

Total outfit price CZK 76,213

Look 2 according to Heidi: The golden middle way

Do you feel slightly queasy when you imagine ​​spending almost eighty thousand crowns for an outfit? Bet on the golden middle way. The white Ports 1961 top, the black REDValentino leather skirt and the luxurious red Le Silla pumps will make you look stunning. And how about your credit card? There will be enough money left there for a nice vacation. So forget about the paper route and pack your suitcase, so that you'd be ready for when traveling won't be only a dream, but a beautiful reality again.

Bílý top Ports 1961Go to the store
Bílý top Ports 1961
Černá sukně REDValentinoGo to the store
Černá sukně REDValentino
Červené lodičky Le SillaGo to the store
Červené lodičky Le Silla

Ports top 1961 CZK 15,139

REDValentino skirt CZK 14,699

Le Silla pumps CZK 9,477

Total outfit price CZK 39,315

Look 3 according to Heidi: A penny saved is a penny earned

Think that looking like Heidi Klum would cost more than what you earn in a month? Nonsense! With our third variant, you'll look flawless for less than 15,000 crowns. Instead of a bow, wear some ruffles and you're all set! And which three brands should you pick? Theory, IRO and Kurt Geiger London.

Bílá košile TheoryGo to the store
Bílá košile Theory
Mini sukně IROGo to the store
Mini sukně IRO
Červené lodičky Kurt Geiger LondonGo to the store
Červené lodičky Kurt Geiger London

Theory shirt CZK 6,631

IRO skirt CZK 3,550

Kurt Geiger London Pumps CZK 4,372

Total outfit price CZK 14,553

The prices of the clothes have been converted according to the current CNB exchange rate.

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Byt na prodej - Praha 8 - Libeň - 87m, Praha 8

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