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The main thing your clothing needs to be in summer is comfortable. Bet on minimalist outfits according to Tereza Maxová.

I'M A STAR: Summer according to Tereza Maxová. These 3 outfits of hers are a must have!

Martina Šmalclová
16.Jul 2020
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Tereza Maxová v bílé košili a metalických kalhotách

When the Czech top model Tereza Maxová recently showed up by the pool wearing a black one-piece swimsuit, everyone's jaw dropped and the photographer Tomáš Třeštík, colleagues Daniela Peštová and Petra Němcová or the leading Slovak make-up artist Ivan Tokárska all paid her compliments. This charismatic beauty is supposed to be approaching her fifties?! Come see for yourselves and get inspired by the wardrobe of the Czech icon, who ages like the finest of wines!

On a boho wave

Discover your inner aetheric fairy and wrap your silhouette in a white boho dress, following Tereza Maxová's example. What attributes should such a dress have? Maxi length, a sexy slit and a material lighter than air. How about a luxurious Les Rêveries dress complemented with romantic Casadei butterfly sandals and L'Autre Chose pochette?

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Tereza Maxová v bílých boho šatech
Tereza Maxová v bílých boho šatechSource:

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Tereza Maxová s maminkou
Tereza Maxová s maminkouSource:

Bílé šaty Les RêveriesGo to the store
Bílé šaty Les Rêveries

Prodej luxusní vily se zahradou, Praha 5 - 466
Prodej luxusní vily se zahradou, Praha 5 - 466, Praha 5

Zlaté sandálky CasadeiGo to the store
Zlaté sandálky Casadei
Psaníčko LGo to the store
Psaníčko L'Autre Chose

Les Rêveries dress CZK 25,013

Casadei sandals CZK 20,532

L'Autre Chose pochette CZK 2,235

Total outfit price CZK 47,780

Black classic for the pool

You too can cover your body in bronze! Sunrays simply love timeless black, it attracts them like a magnet! Just be sure to put on enough sunscreen before heading to the pool. A model from Mara Hoffman with wider straps that guarantee comfortable wearing and luxurious Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses with gold accents will do a perfect job.

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Tereza Maxová v černých plavkách
Tereza Maxová v černých plavkáchSource:

Černé plavky Mara HoffmanGo to the store
Černé plavky Mara Hoffman
Sluneční brýle Dolce & GabbanaGo to the store
Sluneční brýle Dolce & Gabbana

Mara Hoffman Swimsuit CZK 4,471

Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses CZK 6,407

Total outfit price CZK 10,878

Minimalism combined with hot trends

Like Tereza, bet on a minimalist blouse made of a pleasant material in a nude shade and pair it with trousers of a bolder metallic material and fuzzy sandals. Our fashion editors root for the trio of Etro, Isabel Marant and Fendi, which works together perfectly.

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Tereza Maxová v bílé halence a metalických kalhotách
Tereza Maxová v bílé halence a metalických kalhotáchSource:

Krémová halenka EtroGo to the store
Krémová halenka Etro
Stříbrné metalické kalhoty Isabel MarantGo to the store
Stříbrné metalické kalhoty Isabel Marant
Chlupaté pantofle FendiGo to the store
Chlupaté pantofle Fendi

Etro blouse CZK 13,261

Isabel Marant pants CZK 13,857

Fendi sandals CZK 18,476

Total outfit price CZK 45,594

The prices have been converted according to the current CNB exchange rate.

Byt na pronájem Nové Město - Praha 1 - 75m
Byt na pronájem Nové Město - Praha 1 - 75m, Praha 1

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