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We know how to dress like the Duchess of Sussex. It can cost you either a fortune, or almost nothing!

I'm a star: Find inspiration in Meghan Markle's wardrobe! You can buy her outfit worth 80,000 for a pittance!

Martina Šmalclová
03.Aug 2019
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Meghan Markle

She had to change her entire wardrobe overnight, trading sexy mini dresses for elegance in line with the royal rules. The former American actress, just like Kate Middleton, now relies primarily on sophistication and minimalism. Spend the summer in denim just like Meghan and show who's the most stylish person around!

Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle
Meghan Markle

Our fashion editors picked three outfits in different price range for you. If you wish to be dressed in luxury from head to toe, look 1 is your bet. If you don't want to spend a whole paycheck on it, opt for look 2 or look 3.

1. Dress like Meghan: In luxury from head to toe

Meghan Markle wore a stylish Carolina Herrera dress. You can also buy a similar model for a pleasant price of CZK 12 705. Beige looks great with denim, so pair the dress with Aquazzura pumps, as Meghan did. Fine-tune your full outfit with a luxury Mark Cross handbag and black and gold Ray-Ban glasses.

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Šaty Carolina Herrera - cena 12705 Kč
Šaty Carolina Herrera - cena 12705 KčSource:

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Střevíčky Aquazuura - cena 14085 Kč
Střevíčky Aquazuura - cena 14085 KčSource:

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Kabelka Mark Cross - cena 57 500 Kč
Kabelka Mark Cross - cena 57 500 KčSource:

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Brýle Ray-Ban - cena 3840Kč
Brýle Ray-Ban - cena 3840KčSource:

Carolina Herrera Dress CZK 12 705

Aquazzura Pumps CZK 14 085

Mark Cross Handbag CZK 57 500

Ray-Ban Glasses CZK 3 840

Total outfit price CZK 88 130

2. Dress like Meghan: The golden middle way

Walk the golden middle way in a More&More dress combined with chic Siren pumps. An atypical Ully Johnson rattan handbag and Polaroid sunglasses will spice up your look.

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Šaty More&More - cena 2280 Kč
Šaty More&More - cena 2280 KčSource:

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Lodičky Siren - cena 2840 Kč
Lodičky Siren - cena 2840 KčSource:

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Kabelka Ulla Johnson - cena 8710 Kč
Kabelka Ulla Johnson - cena 8710 KčSource:

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Brýle Polaroid - cena 1440 Kč
Brýle Polaroid - cena 1440 KčSource:

More&More Dress CZK 2 280

Siren Pumps CZK 2 840

Ulla Johnson Handbag CZK 2 280

Polaroid Glasses CZK 1 440

Total outfit price CZK 15 270

3. Dress like Meghan: The affordable version

This Oasis dress looks like an exact copy of the one worn by Meghan and you can buy it for a fraction of the price. 795 crowns? We bet you've never paid so little for a dress in the style of Duchess Meghan! Glossy S.Oliver pumps, a Whistles pochette that emenates summer atmosphere and minimalist glasses by Anna Field will complement the dress nicely.

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Šaty Oasis - cena 795Kč
Šaty Oasis - cena 795KčSource:

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Střevíčky S. Oliver - cena 990Kč
Střevíčky S. Oliver - cena 990KčSource:

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Psaníčko Whistles - cena 1630Kč
Psaníčko Whistles - cena 1630KčSource:

Oasis Dress CZK 795

S. Oliver Pumps CZK 990

Whistles Pochette CZK 1 630K

Anna Field Glasses CZK 280

Total outfit price: CZK 3 695

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