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When it comes to choosing a property, location is of key importance.

I'm moving to Bílková: A dream address you’ll want to live at

Martina Šmalclová
06.Oct 2020
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4 minutes
Ženy se stěhují do nového bytu.

Just a few steps away from the luxury boutiques in Pařížská Street, renowned restaurants, bars and exclusive establishments offering rare delicacies, and at the same time just a stone's throw from nature or a morning jog along the Vltava? Welcome to Bílkova, located in one of the most popular parts of Prague 1 - Old Town.

No eggs, but bleach

Make no mistake. The name of Bílkova Street, which vertically connects the equally famous Dušní and Kozí streets, is not derived from the popular ingredient you might find on your plate every morning. It’s origin can most likely be traced to bleach or bleaching linen. The western part of the street was once called Masařská. The name was derived from Jewish butcher shops. The middle part of the street was called Schepkesova Street after Mr. Schepkes' spa. The eastern part of the street was called V cípu či Ve dvorci (“In the Courtyard”). Since the 15th century, the street bears its current name Bílkova, although its name was incorrectly translated as "Eierklargasse", i.e. "Egg White Street" in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Will you be the lucky owner of this gem?

And it’s not just the street itself that boasts rich history, but also the property, which can easily be yours. We are talking about an apartment in a historic building in the Art Nouveau style. You’ll have a number of prominent neighbors in Bílková Street. Famous personalities such as Franz Kafka, who used to live here with sister, called the house their home in the past. The apartment has undergone a complete renovation and is located on the fourth floor, boasting an area of 125 square meters and a luxurious view of the Old Town. A spacious hallway opens into a living room with a kitchenette, and there’s also a bedroom, a study and a bathroom with a tub. The property features a cellar, where you can store your treasures that you don’t need to keep at hand all the time.

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Luxusní bydlení v ulici Bílkova.
Luxusní bydlení v ulici Bílkova.Source:

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Skvělé podniky v okolí.
Skvělé podniky v okolí.Source:

An address that has it all

And since we’ve already mentioned location, let’s look what all Bílkova Street has to offer. It goes without saying that you’ll have all kinds of civic amenities at your fingertips, but there are also places for your taste buds, wardrobe, body, as well as soul and your artistic self associated with it to enjoy.

For shopaholics

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Žena na nákupech v Pařížské ulici.
Žena na nákupech v Pařížské ulici.Source:

Living a three-minute walk from the prestigious Pařížská Street is a dream of all shopaholics. This privilege gives you the opportunity to visit the luxury Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, BVLGARI, Cartier or Louis Vuitton boutiques practically whenever you want.

Dlouhá Street, which is only a few hundred meters away, is the home of boutiques of leading Czech designers Klára Nademlýnská, Beata Rajská or Tatiana Kovaříková. It also features a Natali Ruden boutique. Can you already feel your credit card trembling with happiness and anticipation, ready to be whipped out?

For connoisseurs

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Potraviny a pití na stole
Potraviny a pití na stoleSource:

Is there a better way to start the day than with your favorite coffee and a delicious meal? In the vicinity of Bílkova Street, you’ll find a selection of places where you can enjoy a luxurious breakfast, brunch or a cup of quality espresso. One such place is Onesip Café, a pint-sized coffee shop 450 meters away. Another popular choice is the cozy Choco Café, just a short walk from Karlovy Lázně, where you’ll feel right and home. And if get up in the morning and realize you don't feel like doing anything at all, stop in Kozí street right around the corner. The Bakeshop 280 meters away or Mille Feuille from the French patisserie Au Gourmand will solve your problem.

And if you happen to be hungry like a wolf in the middle of the day, you can drop by in Lokál in Dlouhá, which belongs to the Ambiente network, or in a Czech butchery that serves warm meals in Kozí street for a great lunch. If you want to stick to Bílkova, we can recommend the Asian Temple restaurant or the Italian restaurant Pepe Nero. And if you want to feel like on vacation in the south of Europe, while enjoying a meal with a group of friends, head to La Veranda in Eliška Krásnohorská Street.

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Bydlení na skvělé adrese.
Bydlení na skvělé adrese.Source:

You can end the day with a great dinner in the restaurant La Casa Argentina or with your favorite drink in one of the renowned local bars, such as Tretter´s New York Bar, James Dean or Aloha Bar & Club Prague. Yes, all of them are literally around the corner!

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Drink Mojito
Drink MojitoSource:

Luxusní byt na prodej Praha 1 - Staré Město
Luxusní byt na prodej Praha 1 - Staré Město, Praha 1

Interested in culture and art?

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Muž a žena tančící balet na jevišti v Národním divadle
Muž a žena tančící balet na jevišti v Národním divadleSource:

But it’s not just our stomachs that needs nourishment - even our artistic souls can starve. If you feel it’s time to experience something new, head to the Prague Art Gallery , which is less than a kilometer away, and visit the exhibition "iMucha - a famous collection in motion", which will pull you into the atmosphere of decorative Art Nouveau. Art lovers will also appreciate a visit to the National Gallery in Prague - Kinský Palace.

Are you a theater enthusiast? Again, Old Town has plenty to offer! The Estates Theatre is located within walking distance, just a few hundred meters from Bílkova Street. If you have a car, it will take you only 6 minutes to get to the National Theater.

Something for sports fans

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Žena v běhu
Žena v běhuSource:

As far as sports are concerned, there’s something for everyone here, whethere you enjoy jogging, going to the gym or playing tennis. Put on your sneakers and have a pleasant run along the Vltava river or jog to the Metronome. From there, continue to the Letná Garden, where you’ll be surrounded by nature and divine peace.

The LTC Prague tennis court is also located directly on the Letná Plain. It’s only a 15-minute walk from Bílkova Street. That's a perfect warm-up before grabbing a racket, right? Alternatively, you can take a trip to the SK Hradčany 4.5 km away.

Fans of classic fitness centers can head to Xplore Fitness in Na Příkopě, less than a kilometer away, which aims to meet the wishes and needs of even the most demanding clients. The F45 Training Prague 1 fitness center, located in Panská Street, also offers top services.

We won’t lie to you. There’s always something to do in Prague 1. Whether you’re interested in sports, culture or a delicious meal, all of that can be found right here - in Bílkova Street. Are you packing your suitcases yet?!

Are you interested in this property? Contact the real estate agency Y&T Luxury Property Prague Czech Republic s.r.o. at +420 224 282 506. You will receive a specific offer.

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