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Czech Comics never reached global prominence. But all that could change thanks to the unique talent of Michal Suchánek, who is among others the co-author of the Supermakléř online comics.

Illustrator Michal Suchánek: Czech Comics on the Rise

Eva Ledecká
12.Jan 2018
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His first comic book, called “Děsivé radosti”, was published in 2015; the book is considered the best thing that happened to comics in the Czech Republic in recent years. But you can also find his work at the real property focused comics “”, which provides an entertaining look at the Czech real property market. 

Michal Suchánek was born in 1984 in the town of Hořice. He completed the Václav Hollar High School of Arts, where he focused predominantly on 3D graphics and animation. His creative work turned to comics in 2011 and the unique comic book “Děsivé radosti” was the outcome of three years of work in that direction.

Collaboration with Ondřej Neff

Michal Suchánek chose to base his great comics on the work of his long-term favorite author Ondřej Neff, famous for his sci-fi books. In “Děsivé radosti”, Suchánek built on 3 of Neff’s tales; the work was published in 2015 by the Crew publishing house, which was really impressed with the work of the young author.

Pronájem vily 10+3, 490m2, Praha
Pronájem vily 10+3, 490m2, Praha, Praha 5

Appreciating fresh talent

Thanks to his work, Michal Suchánek was nominated the best Czech comics artist of 2015 and his book won the prize for the best Czech comics in 2015.

As the author himself claims, it is very difficult to make a living with comics in the Czech Republic due to the fact that the genre is not very popular here. However, this is no longer true in neighboring countries, and so we might soon read about a young Czech illustrator who’s conquering the world of comics abroad.

Michal Suchánek is currently working on his next comics: instead of sci-fi, it focuses on the fantasy setting and will only be accompanied with few words. We might see the results already next year.


As mentioned earlier, Michal Suchánek is among others also the co-author of the online comics about real property titled “Super-makléřky”. The entertaining comics can be found here ZDE.

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