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A man and his desire for a perfect woman

Ideal Woman - What Do Men Desire in a Woman

Jana Fikotová
17.May 2018
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What Do Men Desire in a Woman

Every woman would like to be the ideal one for her man. But what do men desire and how is their need perceived by a woman? Everyone´s luxurious ideal is a little different; on the other hand the result is ultimately identical. You only have to learn to take care of each other´s needs!

To be the ideal one and luxuriously perfect is what perhaps every woman longs for. But, let´s be honest, to find the right balance, for a woman to stick to a man and not go crazy (and vice versa) costs a lot of generosity and tolerance.

"Do you lack anything from the luxury package of n ideal woman? Never mind, consider what is important and attempt to change that."

Become a girl for better but for worse, too 

Men yearn for freedom and tolerance. But this does not mean that a woman would fulfil every wish of the man. Men just need relaxed comfort and peace without excessive bans. Every guy wants to feel like a free bird and if a woman sometimes lets him to get out of the nest, he will gladly come back again. 

Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

Love + full stomach = happy man

As the saying goes, love passes through the stomach and if a woman can cook at least a little, she will become the most perfect woman in the world. If she can handle a stew or a steak, the man certainly will not have a feeling that she is neglecting him and perhaps he will even forgive her a new handbag here and then.

Do not underestimate beauty 

Inner as well as outer beauty is very important for male attraction, though it may seem that appearance doesn´t matter. Often it suffices what kind of first impression do you make. Therefore be cheerful, positive and slightly ethereal. A smile is literally a magnet for men. When you want to attract attention, is is enough to smile naturally and look pleased. 

Be his confidante

Women often say that men don´t listen, but tell the truth: does a woman sometimes listen to a man? When a man sees that there is interest in what he says, he will gladly do the same. For the functioning of a relationship a two-way communication is the second most important factor after sex.

Motivation does wonders

Sometimes even a small praise can work miracles. In accordance with the statistics up to 55% of men suffer from lack of admiration, therefore it would be good to do something about it. Mutual respect and admiration are another item on the list of things that make up an ideal woman. Beloved women are those that know how to appreciate a man, give praise and encouragement. His ego sometimes simply needs to be nurtured. 

Ideas or reality?

According to women most men long for a lean figure and large breasts. But the opposite is true. Men love full shapes and as far as breasts are concerned, they love them irrespective of size. Men on the contrary like our natural aspect. When we tender, pleasant, fragile, kind…

Be naturally beautiful

Most men prefer light make-up to artificial eyelashes, nails or luxury, thick make-up layers. They like us without make-up the best. Simply nature is nature and that will not change the view of any intelligent man.

Angel with a devil side

From times immemorial, men are playful, so it is not surprising that love bitches and marry good girls. If you can work with the knowledge of this fact, you can always be the way your man wants you to be. Sometimes an angel with an innocent face and sometimes the devil that has no problem with anything.  

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