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Get to know the beauty standards of different cultures.

The ideal of female beauty around the world: In China, charming Spaniard Penelope Cruz would be associated with poverty

Šárka Peková
12.Dec 2020
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Penélope Cruz

Beauty is one of the most effective weapons of a woman. But what should we actually imagine under the term "ideal of beauty"? Whether we realize it or not, we are also influenced by the trends of the country in which we live. What we consider a fact may not necessarily apply to the rest of the world. So let's have a look at how different cultures imagine the ideal of beauty.


There is nothing more attractive to the French than the "au naturel look". While many cultures opt for heavy make-up, women in France prefer an elegant and natural look that features minimal to no make-up. Instead of applying make-up, they keep their skin in top condition using quality creams. They want to be authentic and prefer natural beauty. Some French women even refuse to shave!

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Vanessa Paradis
Vanessa ParadisSource: Profimedia


If you walk the streets of Madrid or Barcelona, ​​you'll soon learn that beauty is a key part of Spanish culture. Like in other European countries, beauty standards are high here. Women need to have a slim figure, soft skin and a great sense of style to considered attractive here. Hair care is also important in Spain - attractive women have long and silky hair. Spanish women also take great care of their skin. They wear makeup every day, although she is very subtle and natural. And plastic surgery? They're not very popular in Spain! Women who choose to go under the knife mostly do so to undergo breast augmentation or liposuction.

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Penélope Cruz
Penélope CruzSource: Profimedia


The most desired American women are slim, blonde and blue-eyed. Golden tanned skin is also a must, since Americans are literally flooded with images of bronze-skinned stars and advertisements for self-tanning products. Make-up and expensive cosmetic surgeries are very common and sought after in America. The most popular plastic surgery among American women is breast augmentation, closely followed by liposuction.

According to statistics, more than 269,000 American women had their breasts enlarged in 2019. The famous beauties Halle Berry, Christina Aguilera, Kate Hudson or Gwen Stefani are no exception. And more than 242,000 American women underwent liposuction. American women also love botox, which was administered to over 1.3 million women in 2019. No surprises here, though!

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Halle Berry
Halle BerrySource: Profimedia


Brazilian women are inspired by tropical weather. They love bronze skin and a more natural look, because a larger layer of make-up would immediately run off their faces in the hot and humid weather. This South American country is obsessed with beauty and being attractive is such an important part of life that plastic surgery is cheap to free in public hospitals!

The intense desire for perfection has made Brazil the second most popular country for plastic surgery after the United States. The most common plastic surgery in Brazil is liposuction, closely followed by breast augmentation. Brazilian women simply have to look perfect in bikinis, at all costs.

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Adriana Lima
Adriana LimaSource: Profibeauty


Iranian women try to impress with flawless faces, which is no surprise. Since they can't use any other parts of their bodies to attract men for religious reasons, they make sure to hone their faces to perfection. Moreover, the popular rhinoplasty (nose surgery) is very expensive in this country. It costs $ 1,500 on average. If you find a woman who's had it done, it means that she comes from a rich family. Some women even wear fake bandages in order to pretend they've had a nose job.


Women in certain parts of Burma and Thailand, also known as long-necked or giraffe women, wear heavy brass rings around their necks. This special practice, which results in lifelong suffering and deformity of the body, makes a woman more attractive to a potential partner. The decorations are considered a symbol of beauty and wealth.

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Ideál krásy v Barmě a Thajsku
Ideál krásy v Barmě a ThajskuSource: Pixabay/Judithscharnowski


India has strict beauty standards that girls adhere to from a young age. Its basis is long, shiny black hair, which Indian women take good care of. Almond-shaped eyes, natural lips, dark eyebrows, thick lashes and a straight pointed nose also reap success with Indian men. In addition, Indian women like to wrap themselves in colorful scarves and adorn their skin with henna-painted symbols.

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Indická žena
Indická ženaSource: Pixabay/Murtaza_ali

South Korea

In South Korea, the idea of ​​a perfect woman is defined by flawless white skin, a small face, a pointed nose and large eyes. However, the shape of a woman's face is the most important thing. It should resemble a heart, that is, have a narrow chin at the bottom and widen at the top. To achieve this ideal, many Korean women spend hundreds of dollars on plastic surgery.


For Chinese women, pale skin is considered the one true standard of beauty. In the past, skin color was linked to the social class a person belonged to. Dark skin meant that its owner worked in the fields and was poor. Even today, Chinese girls don't want to look poor, and the're ready to do absolutely anything to keep their skin as white as snow. This addition to having a white face doesn't just mean one has to avoiding the sun's rays, but also using different types of skin creams, which usually contain whitening substances.

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Číňanka s deštníkem
Číňanka s deštníkemSource: Pixabay/Sasint

Saudi Arabia

The eyes are a mirror of the human soul - Saudi women attach great importance to this old proverb. Since they can't show much of their faces because of their religion, they usually pay special attention to the beauty of their eyes. To be more attractive, they use different types of makeup, for which they are willing to spend huge amounts of money.


What we strive to hide from others, they show off elsewhere. In Ethiopia and several other African countries, men and women "decorate" their bodies with scars because they are considered sensual and interesting. In women, scars are perceived as a sign of beauty and can indicate their social status, political or social roles. In men, they are a sign of masculinity.

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Ideál krásy v Etiopii
Ideál krásy v EtiopiiSource: Pixabay/Afrikit


The ideal of beauty in African Kenya is really baffling! Local men see a plate in the lips, which women make themselves, as a symbol of beauty. Girls start at a young age, when they remove the two lower front teeth, make a tear in their lip and gradually enlarge it with wooden and clay discs. The larger the disc, the greater the beauty, because it's associated with maturity, which is an attractive attribute for the men of the tribe. Women from the Maasai tribe also like to decorate their ears with colorful beads and eye-catching jewelry.

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Masajská žena
Masajská ženaSource: Unsplash/Roya Ann Miller

Man will be crazy about you

Finally, we need to mention a very important thing. What makes a woman especially beautiful and attractive is her ability to be unique and stay true to herself. No man can resist a woman who feels satisfied and confident in her own skin. Bottom line, try to accept who you are, both inside and out. Men will be crazy about you!

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