I AM A STAR: Turn into a party queen like Petra Němcová!

Bet on red, just like the Czech beauty did at this year's Cannes Film Festival.
19.Aug 2019
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Wake up your inner femme fatale

Red symbolizes energy, life force, vigor, love or eroticism. We like to wear it on our lips and it should not be missing in our wardrobe either! Next time, dress in sensual red for a party and transform into a femme fatale. Our fashion editors has prepared a selection of outfits for you that will make all the men fall at your feet and all the women turn green with envy!

Your budget is irrelevant. We have chosen three versions of the outfit in different price ranges for you. While the first version will make your credit card cry bitter tears at the cash-counter, the second won't hurt that much. And if you go for the third version, you definitely won't have to be afraid to show the receipt at home!

1. Look according to Petra: In luxury from head to toe

Petra arrived in Cannes in a dazzling robe from Greek designer Celia Kritharioti. Alberta Ferreti offers a slightly more bohemian alternative, if without a bow. Petra really pleased us with her choice of shoes! She completed the luxurious robe with vegan pumps from the sustainable brand SUSI Studio, and she certainly didn't spend a fortune on them. You can buy them for a pleasant CZK 2,660. Like Petra, you can add a finishing touch to your outfit with a silver Rossoyuki pochette. The Czech beauty chose to accessorize the outfit with Chopard jewelery. We found an option that will be less straining for your wallet, made of white gold with emeralds, from the British brand Jian London.

Alberta Ferreti Dress CZK 89,225

SUSI Studio Pumps CZK 2,660

ROSSOYUKI Handbag CZK 29,580

Jian London Necklace CZK 66,120

Total outfit price: CZK 187,585

2. Look according to Petra: The golden middle way

If you put on this tight-fitting Badgley Mischka dress with a ribbon, you will defitely be the centre of attention! Complement your look with Steve Madden pumps, The Chic Initiative pouchette and a beautiful silver necklace from Jian London, and you can boldly walk in front of the camera, perhaps even try out the role of the next Bond girl.

Badgley Mischka Dress CZK 12,760

Steve Madden Pumps CZK 2,087

The Chic Initiative Handbag CZK 2,128

Jian London Necklace CZK 5,220

Total outfit price: CZK 22,195

3. Look according to Petra: The affordable version

Affordable yet pretty damn luxurious! You'd never guess that you the pieces from our cheapest outfit variant can be purchased just for a few thousand crowns. The True Violet dress, Steve Madden pumps, Mascara handbag and opulent MAX&Co. necklace go together wonderfully.

True Violet Dress CZK 3,790

Steve Madden Pumps CZK 1,590

Mascara Handbag CZK 950

MAX&Co. Necklace 980 CZK

Total outfit price: 7,310 CZK

Luxusní byt na prodej Smíchov - Praha 5 - 149m
Luxusní byt na prodej Smíchov - Praha 5 - 149m, Praha 5

Clothing prices have been converted according to the current CNB exchange rate.

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