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For satisfied, luxurious living, we need adequate space, a tranquil environment and easy access to important amenities. The small, charming district in Prague 5 called Hřebenky meets all these requirements.

Hřebenky – an inconspicuous district with Petřín Hill within reach

Eva Ledecká
16.Oct 2017
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Na Hřebenkách Street and the other adjacent streets belonging to this small district are situated on a hill, touched by plenty of sunlight. It is an excellent location close to the Kinski Gardens and Petřín Hill. It is not far from here to Strahov or to the popular Ladronka Park. 

Luxusní vily na Hřebenkách
Dům, kde žil J. Arbes i K. Poláček

Tranquillity on the hillside in a pleasant location

This is a relaxed, peaceful and very inconspicuous luxury area. The new, modern buildings offer beautiful, spacious and luminous apartments, most of which feature a large terrace. From the top floors, inhabitants can enjoy luxurious views and the peaceful atmosphere is undisturbed by trams, metro or noise from large streets. Only a bus passes through, and apart from a car, it is the only means of transport that connects you to other Prague districts nearby.

Former home of wine

But this small district has a history too. In addition to the luxurious new buildings, you will also notice several historical buildings. However, there aren’t many, because in the past this part of today’s Prague was covered by vines and hops, which belonged to wealthy citizens, the nobility and church. 

Luxusní rodinný dům na Praze 6 - 1223m
Luxusní rodinný dům na Praze 6 - 1223m, Praha 6

Hřebenka Estate – reference to times past

One of the dominant and well-known historical is the former Hřebenka estate from the 17th Century, which was built on a vineyard of the same name. In the 18th Century, it was rebuilt into the seat of Count Maximillian of Klebelsberg and now has an even more recent appearance from the 1920s. In 1922, the estate was purchased by architect František Kavalír, who gave it a more modern look and employed artists such as Václav Špála and Jaroslav Horejc. It is presently located at the address Švédská 39.  

If you are looking for a pleasant location to live in peace and luxury, Prague’s Hřebenky district could be just the place.

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