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On 15 March, the 13th annual national championship in cooking and pastry arts, Gastro Hradec Vitana Cup 2018, will take place with international attendance. What can you expect at the largest one-day gastronomic competition in Europe?

In Hradec Králové for culinary specialities with Markéta Hrubešová

Eva Ledecká
06.Mar 2018
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Enjoy your meal

Because this is the 13th year of the national championship of cooks and pastry chefs, you can look forward to refined flavours, new experiences, and pleasant encounters.

One of these will surely be the opportunity to meet the celebrity of the gourmet festival, Markéta Hrubešová, a popular Czech actress, moderator, model and of course excellent cook! Among other things, Markéta Hrubešová is the author of the book Markéta Cooks Rettigová. During the course of the day, you will be able to purchased her books, attend an autograph signing, and she might even give you a few hints from her kitchen.

Luxurious menu by the AKC ČR junior national team

As part of the competition menu, prepared by the AKC ČR junior national team, you can already start looking forward to trout tartare, pea panna cotta, saddle of boar in chorizo crumble and a luxurious cheesecake with black currant ganache.

Choose the best beef roast!

The Gastro Hradec Vitana Cup competition is all about cooking, ingredients, aromas, selected flavours and the presentation of delicious dishes. This year, participants will compete in the category of Cook, Pastry Chef, Artistic Category and Carving (of fruits and vegetables). You will be able to witness the unique art of carving first-hand. “Ordinary” fruits and vegetables will be transformed into incredible works of art before your very eyes. Will you try it at home?

Last year, visitors were able to participate in the open contest Taste of Bohemia and vote for the winner of the best paprika sauce. This year, it will be replaced with good old beef in cream sauce. Bon apetit!

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 5 – 327m2
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 5 – 327m2, Praha 5

3 seminars to improve your cooking skills

But it would be a shame to leave with only a luxurious feeling in your stomach. You should leave the gastronomic festival in Hradec Králové with a wealth of new information from the world of cooking too. There are 3 interesting seminars on the agenda for you:

One of them is Garlic in Czech cuisine, where you will learn about the history, use and medicinal effects of this beneficial plant with a spicy taste.

Not hot enough for you? If you love spicy flavours, don’t miss the All about chilli peppers – queen of spices seminar, where the hot magician from Kostěnice Ladislav Křížek will teach you how to grow, dry, smoke and process them.

The trending issue of healthy nutrition will be discussed at the interactive course on Health + vitality on the plate. Do you know the shortcomings of current eating, and what the term “super foods” means? Learn this and more at the gastro festival.

Don’t miss this unique culinary experience on 15 March in Hradec Králové! 

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