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This year gave us some things and took some away, but We must have faith in a healthy 2021.

How Yvetta Blanarovičová, Mikolas Josef or Zdeněk Hřib look back on 2020

Karolína Lišková
27.Dec 2020
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The year 2020, affected by the coronavirus pandemic, was a difficult test for all of us, including celebrities. The holidays of peace and tranquility are in full swing, and the approaching end of the year promises the long-awaited conclusion of this chapter of our lives, which each of us had to go through. What did Czech celebrities take away from the challenging year 2020, and what are they looking forward to next year? See for yourself what beautiful Christmas and New Year wishes they send to you, the readers of

Singer Mikolas Josef wishes our readers undisturbed Christmas holidays. Regarding 2020, he appreciates the rest, time to read books and compose songs, which he hopes to finally sing live for his fans next year.

"I think 2020 took something from us, and gave us something. In any case, I wish you a beautiful, relaxing Christmas and a healthy next year,"

actress and singer Yvetta Blanarovičová wishes readers of Luxury Prague Life.

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Zpěvačka Kamila Nývltová.
Zpěvačka Kamila Nývltová.Source: archiv Kamily Nývltové

For the singer Kamila Nývltová, the year 2020 was above all a symbol of humility and the realization that nothing in our lives is guaranteed. She wants to value her work even more next year.

"I wish readers good health, because as we found out this year, health is not a guarantee. Mainly to love each other, be happy and above all spiritually content. "

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Primátor Zdeněk Hřib.
Primátor Zdeněk Hřib. Source: archiv Zdeňka Hřiba

The mayor of the capital, Zdeněk Hřib, sees it in a similar way, and hopes that in the coming year we will defeat the coronavirus thanks to vaccinations, and wishes readers all the best.

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Cukrář Josef Maršálek.
Cukrář Josef Maršálek. Source: archiv Josefa Maršálka

The famous confectioner Josef Maršálek appreciates the time that the year 2020 provided for us to stop for a while and spend time with those we love.

"The year 2021 will bring a million different opportunities, and it's up to us whether we sit at home in a corner and cry over spilled milk, or take this as one huge chance to make the life changes we've been putting off for an awful long time,"

he says and wishes readers good health until the new year, especially mental health.

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Herečka a spisovatelka Vlastina Svátková.
Herečka a spisovatelka Vlastina Svátková.Source: archiv Vlastiny Svátkové

Actress and writer Vlastina Svátková describes the year 2021 as transformative and cleansing, which will give us the opportunity for a new beginning. She wishes readers good luck and good health in the new year, and may we not have any crises or media pressure on how we should live.

On the contrary, TV presenter and actress Anife Vyskočilová is not looking forward to entering the new year. She looks forward to the year 2023, because according to her, the current situation will not improve until the two years from now.

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Herečka a moderátorka Anife Vyskočilová.
Herečka a moderátorka Anife Vyskočilová. Source: archiv Anife Vykočilové

"I wish the readers very strong resolve, because if you have a strong resolve, you will be healthy, and if you are healthy, you will be happy,"

she wishes us and advises that we enjoy every moment we have on earth.

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