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What ordinary habits to give up in order for wrinkles to disappear

How to prevent wrinkles: Forget about botox. We know what to avoid in order to prevent wrinkles!

Karolína Lišková
04.Nov 2019
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If there is anyone here, who has not given up the fight against the time and has turned up side down to stop or at least slow down the appearance of those nasty lines on his/her face, then it is time to wake up. We've found that botox, hyaluronic acids, or facelifts are great, but if you don't stop doing habits you do absolutely automatically all your life, you have to accept that one morning you'll see a Sharpei in your mirror.

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Také děláte brikule, abyste měla pleť jako za mlada?
Kouření stejně už dávno vyšlo z módy.


It is clear that our skin needs its "beauty sleep", but the very important thing is also how you sleep. Eight hours, that's clear, nevertheless the position is important too. If you fall asleep on your stomach or side, forget about having face of a teenager. When we sleep on our belly or side we push the face into the pillow unnaturally, what supports the formation of eye wrinkles or lines in the decoletté. If you fight wrinkles, it is best to sleep on your back. Also, if you are already sleeping on your side, choose a bedding material that will allow your skin “to glide”, such as silk or satin. Cotton is pleasant, but the face is wrinkling unnecessarily.

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Spalte bavlnu. Škodí vašemu obličeji.
Spalte bavlnu. Škodí vašemu obličeji. Source: Pixabay

Drinking through a straw and smoking

Wrinkles around the mouth arise mainly due to genetic disposition, but facial expression has also a significant share to it. The deepening of wrinkles can be accelerated by frequent and unnatural "pouting" of the mouth. So stop performing the so-called Síma (model Simona Krainová, editor's note) on your selfies. Smokers suffer most from these wrinkles.

Prodej bytu 1+kk, Opletalova, Nové Město -
Prodej bytu 1+kk, Opletalova, Nové Město -, Praha 1

However, you should be careful, even if you like drinking with straws. “Mimic wrinkles may deepen unnaturally around the mouth. So drop the straws and drink straight out of the glass. If you already have wrinkles, it is advisable to try injecting them with hyaluronic acid. Thanks to it, it is possible to efficiently fill the volume and model the contours of the face and naturally reduce the lines around the mouth, ”says MUDr. Lucie Mansfeldova from Perfect Clinic Dermatology. Straws are an evil anyway, then they end up in the sea wrapped around some turtle head, so you should consider this holdover anyway.

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Zahoďte brčka.
Zahoďte brčka. Source: Pixabay

Frequent support of your head

Constantly supporting your face with hands not only affects the health of the skin because of the bacteria we have on our hands, we can worsen skin (acne), but at the same time we can induce unnecessary wrinkles, because the skin is under pressure support and can start weakening her contours. The same rule applies even if you often rub your eyes. This causes not only circles under the eyes, but can also cause early wrinkles. If the places around your eyes itch, then just tap the place lightly.

Just sleep more so that you are not so tired and you do not have to support your head at work with hands. Sit upright, this position will be appreciated not only by your face, but also spine.


And now the saddest news. The biggest trigger of wrinkles besides the age is the sun. The rays of that hot ball increase the risk of premature skin aging up to 80%. So apply sunscreen to your face not only during summer in 30°C+, but also in winter, especially in the mountains, where the sun is aggressive. Do not be fooled by clouds, because they also transmit the UV radiation. You should always have sunglasses in your handbag, as squinting your eyes will cause mimic wrinkles.

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Milujeme ho, ale musíme se před ním chránit.
Milujeme ho, ale musíme se před ním chránit. Source: Pixabay

We hope this information won't spoil your day as it did ours. But the truth is that time is merciless and it is better to get rid off some of our bad habits and get used to new ones than end up prematurely in the hands of plastic surgeons. It is not only painful but also costly.

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