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She takes an underwater photo like a goddess and her husband buys it for half a million

This is how a millionaire's wife, Ivana Tykač, makes money: Look at this wonderful calendar full of celebrities for a good cause!

Karolína Lišková
03.Oct 2019
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When someone has money and public fame, they should use it to help others. It's kind of a moral duty. The Tykač couple is a stellar example of this. Seven years ago, Ivana started a foundation with the aim to help single mothers (and single fathers) in need. Because more and more people find themselves in need of this kind of help, this sharp-elbowed businesswoman decided to put herself out there. Literally. She came up with the idea to shoot a calendar underwater, which was not only put on the market, but also auctioned. And who do you think paid the 505 000 CZK for the first piece? Her loving husband!

We can do nothing more than applaud. A loving husband who supports the activities of his wife from his own pocket, even though they generate no profit. Moreover, Tykač never told anyone about his intention to auction off the calendar for such a huge sum of money. What a gentleman!

The calendar is beautiful though, and it costs a bargain CZK 850. It features 13 luxury shots by photographer Lucie Drlíková. 13 personalities, women, including Mrs. Tykač submerged underwater in luxurious dresses, in creative positions.

Byt s výhledem na Prahu - Karlín - 308m
Byt s výhledem na Prahu - Karlín - 308m, Praha 8

A lifebuoy

"I already have a good experience with Lucka, so I warmly welcomed her idea to shoot beautiful women underwater. I myself enjoyed the shooting immensely, I can't say that I was afraid under the surface. On the contrary. I felt at home there and I owe my thanks to Lucka for such a wonderful idea,"

Ivana Tykač confided to at the launch of the calendar, which took place on 1 October.

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Ivana Tykač při křtu.
Ivana Tykač při křtu. Source:

She described the idea behind ​​the calendar in a sophisticated way.

"The lifebuoy above me is a symbol of salvation to all those women, but also men who find themselves in an unfavorable situation. It can happen to any of us. Not only do we hold our clients above the surface to keep them from drowning, but we also try to teach them to swim so that they wouldn't need the lifebuoy anymore,"

smiles Ivana.

Completely pro bono

Not only Ivana, who harbors passionate love for fashion and all kinds of beautiful things, especially shoes, but also other women featured in the calendar enjoyed the photo shoot. January is represented by Bára Nesvadbová, February by Klára Jelínková, March by Marta Jandová, April by Ester Geislerová, May by Nela Boudová, June by Věra Komárová, July by Simona Krainová, August by Lucie Vondráčková, September by Ivana Jirešová, October by Michaela Tomešová, November by Patricie Solaříková - Pagáčová and December by Vlastina Kounická Svátková.

But not everyone enjoyed their moments underwater...

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Martu po focení pálily oči.
Martu po focení pálily oči. Source: Women for Women/Lucie Drlíková

"It wasn't hard for me to sink and hold my breath for quite some time, focus on the photo and do what I was supposed to, knowing how the water works. But when you need to keep your eyes open the whole time... I didn't have a clear vision for about a quarter of an hour after that,"

Marta Jandová reported. But in the end she is satisfied with the result. Especially since the is a calendar has been made for a good cause - knowing that, one simply pulls through.

The calendar can be purchased at All proceeds from the calendar go to the support of single parents who find themselves in a difficult situation.

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